Make Money Online – Batch 80

It’s time for another batch of those moneymaking reviews. We are back in full force and we’re as backlog as ever. I may have to double up on the batches in order to bring them to a more manageable time frame. For the few people who don’t know what this it. The make money online reviews is the best piece of linkbait ever created. You review my blog and I link to it. This is batch 80 but I have reviews complete all the way to batch 85. That’s a lot of links.

Here are the 10 reviews from batch 80.

How To Do A Make Money Review

There are some rule changes for the Review My Blog for a free linkback promotion. From now on, a review must link to the review rules post and the blog home page using any of the following anchor text:

  • make money
  • make money online
  • make money at home
  • making money
  • make money from home
  • make money on the internet

Here’s an example of what I want.

John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money. If you review his blog, he’ll link to it and send you a lot of traffic.

You are also free to link to any articles I’ve written as part of the review. The post must be a review of this blog. You can not mix it with any other posts or reviews. Please note that after I post your review, you may get emails from other webmasters asking to review their blogs. My review batches makes a nice spam list for the copycats.