Make Money Online with BLAM Ads 3.0 Gateways

Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is definitely more than one way to make money from a website. You can run all sorts of banner ads on your blog, for example, or you could be promoting offers through your mailing list. Another way to make money is to lock your premium content behind a gateway.

One ad network that specializes in this kind of monetization is BLAM Ads. The focus of today’s review is on the content locking gateway and some of the upgrades that have been introduced in recent weeks.

What Is BLAM Ads?

Also dubbed Blam! Ads or BLAM! Ads (confusing, I know), this “content locking and incentivized ad network” is actually a property of Eagle Web Assets, Inc. EWA has been in the online marketing game for some time, so it’s not like BLAM is coming into the picture without a wealth of experience.

For the purposes of this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the new BLAM Ads 3.0 Excedo Gateway System. It’s a system designed for incentivized traffic and, as you can tell from the 3.0 part of its name, it represents the third-generation gateway from BLAM.

Using the Automatic Settings

After you signed up for a BLAM Ads affiliate account, you can gain access to the gateway system to create your first content locking gateway.

Make Money Online with BLAM Ads 3.0 Gateways

The easiest way to use this system is to use the automatic settings. After logging in, you are immediately directed to the gateway editor. From there, you can name your new gateway and choose the automatic gateway offers selection.

In doing so, your gateway “automatically displays the top offers” based on the click-thru rate and EPC across the network. Even though it is automatic, you can still geo-target your gateway offers based on three possible options, as shown above.

Unleashing the Manual Controls

Even if you choose to manually select your offers, the process for setting up your content locking gateway can be accomplished in three easy steps. From there, you grab the code, enter it between the <body> tags on your site, and you’re done.

Make Money Online with BLAM Ads 3.0 Gateways

For the manual settings, you have the opportunity to choose from a range of different categories. These include automotive, dating, financial, free trials, gambling, international, name branded, surveys, and social currency. You can also select the specific countries you’d like to target, including everywhere from the US Virgin Islands to Zimbabwe.

After choosing those two settings, your filtered offers are shown below and you select multiple offers by holding the CTRL key on your computer, as usual. After being added to the gateway, you can see their respective CPA, as well as a preview of each landing page.

The Talking Locked Gateway

After installing the code, the only way that visitors to your site can access the content is by completing one of the offers shown in the gateway you have created. The gateway would look like this:

Make Money Online with BLAM Ads 3.0 Gateways

As you can see, the site visitor is not able to scroll through your site (the dimly-lit background). The gateway is that window (I chose the “game” default template, but you can create your own) with the offers in it.

One major change that came with BLAM Ads 3.0 Excedo is the inclusion of the talking woman in the lower-right corner. She is a part of a brief video, telling the site visitor that he or she needs to fulfill one of the displayed offers in order to access the premium content on your website.

Improving on the Older BLAM Ads

I’m not sure how I feel about the talking woman, though, especially since there is no apparent option to remove that element from the locked gateway. You can remove it from the mobile version, but not the desktop version.

The BLAM Ads locking gateway system will not be appropriate for all applications, but it can prove quite lucrative when implemented strategically. It’s good that you can now see the CPA from within the gateway editor, rather than having to go back to the main BLAM Ads dashboard.

If you’re looking for an effective way to lock your premium content and make some affiliate income along the way, BLAM Ads is worth a look.