Make Money Online with Happar Monetization Engine

WordPress is the platform of choice for many bloggers, regardless of whether they are interested in making money from their blogs or if they just want to have a personal space on the Internet to voice their thoughts. That said, if you weren’t interested in making money online, you probably would not be reading this post on John Chow dot Com.

When John received this
review request, he was told that he could “save money by using the world’s easiest site building tool.” The key to the Happar Monetization Engine is that it’s supposed to be a money-making machine right out of the box. No programming knowledge required. Does it live up to this claim?

What is Happar?

According to the official Happar Monetization Engine (Happar M.E. for short) website, Happar is a tool that helps you “built a complete dynamic site that will keep search engines hungry. M.E. takes half the time of any site builder and is only limited by your imagination.”

In a nutshell, the website that Happar builds for you is a search engine. The search tool serves as the primary focus of the site, but surrounding the the search engine are other features like highlighted videos from YouTube (or pulled pictures from Flickr) and an integrated blog.

Because it’s supposed to be a money-maker and a “traffic magnet”, you have the opportunity to litter the site with a variety of ads. It’s up to you which ad networks you choose to use. For a more in-depth description of what Happar has to offer, check out the features pages, which are populated with a series of videos.

Installation and Configuration

If you know how to install WordPress, you probably won’t run into any trouble when installing Happar. You will need to download the necessary files, unzip the archive, and upload the appropriate files via FTP to your webhost. From there, you just follow the directions through, creating a database, and setting the username and password. Don’t worry; Happar walks you through the whole process.

The total installation time was about 10 to 15 minutes, not including the additional configuration that is done through the administration tool. It is within the tool that you provide your ad code, adjust the name of the website, and fiddle with all the other settings. You can optionally choose to install WordPress instead of the provided blog platform, if that’s what you prefer to do.

I’m personally not a fan of how the default Happar installation looks, because it gives the appearance of an MFA (Made for AdSense) site. Well, I guess that could be attributed to the fact that a Happar-powered site is basically an MFA site. It was designed from the ground-up as a monetization engine, after all.

Searching and Scraping Your Way to Success?

The integrated search engine (or is it more like a search portal?) serves as a major focal point for a Happar-powered website. When a site visitor searches for any given keyword, Happar is able to dynamically and automatically create related meta tags, titles, and descriptions for SEO purposes. Like in this search for banana, you can see that the title says “buy banana products” and there is a banana-related article in the left sidebar.

Wait… where did that article come from?

That’s right. The Happar Monetization Engine is also a scraping tool. They say that this content comes from third-party sources, but it never (to my knowledge) gets any more specific than that. Given the quality of the article (“To start with the leaves are more broader and it grows up This signifies to the society.”), I’m guessing it comes from some crappy article farm and it’s not scraping from legitimate blogs. I could be wrong.

MFA Made Easy; Bloggers Need Not Apply

If you are interested in taking the MFA route to making money online, the Happar site-building tool is a quick and dirty way to get a dynamic website up and running. It comes equipped with automatic meta tag generation, easy ad placement opportunities, and “scraped” content. You can potentially start making money in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, I don’t see very much value here for bloggers or for people who want to run a legitimate website. The average Internet user, I imagine, would be turned off by the overall layout of a Happar-powered website. The developers say that it’s fully customizable, so I’d be interested in seeing what an optimized and original installation of Happar would look like in action. At least these people are happy with it.

The regular price for the Happar Monetization Engine is $249, but they are offering the special price of $97 for John Chow dot Com readers. That covers two domains and there is a 30-day money back guarantee.