Make Money Online with LeadsGate Payday Loan Affiliate Program

For anyone who has dabbled with Internet marketing or affiliate marketing in the last decade or more, it is pretty common knowledge that the payday loan vertical is among the most competitive and the most lucrative. This is especially true with the US market where there are always people looking to get some extra cash to hold them over until they receive their next paycheck. And therein lies a huge opportunity to earn considerable income as a marketer.

But how can you maximize the money you earn by promoting payday loan offers? In today’s review of LeadsGate, we take a look at how this affiliate program sets itself apart from other networks to get you the highest possible payouts every time.

The Most Balanced Payday Loan Affiliate Program

While there are countless affiliate networks on the Internet that have a payday loan category, one of the first differences with LeadsGate is that it specializes solely in this niche. They are laser-focused on only the US payday loan niche. Even so, they do accept international affiliates.


Three other key characteristics of LeadsGate make it a compelling option for affiliate marketers.

  1. Auction-based lead selling: Rather than defining a set commission rate for every qualified lead, LeadsGate auctions off the lead to all the vendors in the network. In this way, the lead prices can be maximized based on prevailing market conditions
  2. LeadsGate Rebill: With many affiliate networks of this type, you earn a one-time commission for referring the payday loan customer. With LeadsGate, you earn lifetime commissions on every payday loan application your referral sends in. They are your clients for life.
  3. Payouts for declined leads: Just because your lead was declined doesn’t mean you can’t still make money from it. LeadsGate has monetization systems in place for this exact scenario, helping you earn an extra 5-15% profit.

You can see how these three features are all geared toward earning you as much money as possible for sending qualified (and even declined) leads in the direction of the payday loan lenders.

Official Promo Sites or JavaScript Form Embeds

In effect, LeadsGate offers two main ways for you to generate payday loan leads and to send them their way.


If you do not have a website of your own, you can direct your visitors via your affiliate link to one of two promotional sites. This works like any other affiliate link, so that means you can implement it in your email marketing campaigns, through social media, and so on. It would be a good idea to mask your affiliate link, of course. From there, visitors fill out the application and the lead belongs to you.

Alternatively, a more effective course of action may be to embed the JavaScript form (JS form) that LeadsGate generates on your behalf. This form can be inserted anywhere on your own website and then you can promote it using whatever tactics you’d like. LeadsGate does note that it does not accept call center, co-reg, spam, brokered, hacking and incentivized traffic.

In addition to the promo sites and JS form, LeadsGate also has a referral program wherein you earn a 5% lifetime commission from your referred affiliates, as well as an API option by special request.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Well, isn’t that the million dollar question? As mentioned above, LeadsGate operates on an auction-based system where lenders bid on the leads that you generate. LeadsGate starts at a high value and moves that down incrementally until a lender claims it. Because of the way that the cost-per-lead is determined, it’s impossible to say exactly how much you’d earn for each lead. All they do say is their lead price pays up to $220 per lead. And they added a new vertical – installment loans.


As far as payment options, the settings for which can be accessed under your account settings after signing up, LeadsGate offers you the choice of EPESE, ePayments, WebMoney, PayPal or bank wire transfer. All of these carry a fee, ranging from 1% to $50. Once you’ve reached the minimum payment threshold, which is $100 with the exception of the $2000 minimum for a wire transfer, you will need to submit a request to get paid.

Generating Leads for Fun and Profit

There are countless ways to make money on the Internet. If you’re interested in approaching the US payday loan vertical, or if you’re already marketing to this segment, then it may not be a bad idea to sign up for LeadsGate and see how much more you can earn.

In addition to the auction-based system for determining the CPL, the prospect of earning lifetime commissions on every loan application your referral submits is attractive. After all, a qualified lead who applies for one payday loan is very likely to apply again in the future.