Make Money Online with Native Advertising

Generating revenue can be one of the most difficult parts of running a blog. From banner ads to link optimization, there are a lot of aspects that factor into making a site profitable. With so many things to consider it’s no wonder that monetization can be such a headache, but thankfully there’s new trend emerging that’s making advertising easier and more user-friendly.

Native advertising appears to be the new go-to tactic for many advertisers, publishers, and bloggers, and so far, it seems to be the best way to generate revenue without compromising user experience.

Native advertising works by placing relevant content near the bottom of a blog post and offering readers more news or advertisements that are related to the content of your site. Regular online shoppers or blog readers are probably familiar with the “You Might Also Like,” or “Recommended for You” headings which are prime examples of native advertising at work. Every time a reader clicks on one of these ads, the publisher is paid as a reward for showing that content to their readers.

While native advertising is currently reimagining the ways in which bloggers monetize their sites, a new company from Digtalbox called ContentClick is reworking the ways in which native advertisements are implemented.

“Digitalbox operates in a truly exciting arena, the world of digital marketing, said Sir Robin Miller, Non-Executive Chairman of Digitalbox. “Our latest initiative, ContentClick, is a real first for the team. They have developed a product that enables bloggers, as well as small and big publishers alike, the ability to earn additional revenue via our intelligent content marketing widget.”

ContentClick is a downloadable free widget that’s easy to install, manage, and customize. It utilizes a proprietary algorithm to “mine” editorial data which enables the software to model consumer intent and serve relevant, high quality sponsored content to readers. Advertisers, bloggers, and publishers can easily insert the widget into their sites and instantly start earning extra cash.


According to ContentClick, “Initial results have witnessed CTR’s (click-through-rates) that far exceed advertising industry averages and significantly increase engagement with advertisers’ brands.”