Make Money Online with Performancing Ads has started a new ad network call Performancing Ads. Performancing Ads is an ad marketplace for the 125×125 ad button, which has slowly become the ad format of choice for bloggers who wants to make money online.

Open To All Publishers

Performancing Ads has been successfully running the network in private beta on dozens of high-volume blogs and it’s now open to all bloggers. That’s right, Performancing Ads will accept all blogs no matter what their size. If you have a blog or website and want to feature 125×125 ads, you can join Performancing Ads. And the more your site grows, the more exposure it gets in the marketplace. In addition to selling ads, all blog publishers can book their own 125×125 ads. You can use Performancing Ads to promote affiliate offers on your site or promote your flagship content.

Joining Performancing Ads is extremely easy. Simply apply for an account and confirm your email. After you log into the control panel, you can enter your site information.

You can add as many blogs as you want. You do not need to reapply if you have more than one site or blog. Installing the ad code is as easy as uploading a plugin. Perfromancing Ads offer ad plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and stand alone PHP sites.

Flat Weekly Pricing

Performancing Ads allows advertisers to buy ads on a 1 week increment. This lowers the threshold for advertiser entry and increasing the number of advertisers in the system which will ultimately make you more money. Ad pricing is set by the publisher. You are free to charge whatever you want. Of course, the more competitive your prices are the more advertisers you’ll attract. Performancing Ads offers a 60/40 revenue share, with the publisher getting 60% of the money.

To kick off the new network, Performancing Ads is offering $25 off an advertiser’s first purchase of $100 or more. The Performancing Ads marketplace is quickly becoming the largest and more diverse network for the 125×125 ad format. Joining Performancing Ads will allow your blog to be featured in the market place. The market place will be the first place advertisers will go to when booking their 125×125 ad buys.

Free Ad Space from The Publisher Exchange Program

All publishers in the Performancing Ads network earn credits either by selling ads or showing other publisher ads in empty spots. Credits are then spent by getting free ad space on similar sites. It’s a nice way to put that unsold inventory to work. With the Publisher Exchange Program, Everyone gets more exposure.

Life Time Referral Program

Refer a new publisher or advertiser to Performancing Ads and you’ll earn yourself $10, which is a nice referral fee. However, you also get 5% from any ad sales generated by the new referral … for life! The life time referring income offers massive potential.

Let’s say that you refer two new advertisers per month and each spends an average of $250 per month. Within one year, you’d be making a cool $300 per month in 100% passive income. If you referred five new advertisers per month, you’ll make over $750 per month after one year.

Performancing Ads is an ad network made by bloggers for bloggers and it really shows. I will be adding Performancing Ads to my recommended money makers.

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