Make Money Online with PlentyOfFish

Tonight was the weekly meetup of the Vancouver Internet Mastermind Group. The group meets every Monday night to network, build business relationships and listen to the feature speaker. There is a new speaker every week and tonight my good friend Ben Louie of PlentyOfFish got to present to the group on how to make money online with

PlentyOfFish is the Internet’s biggest free dating site. The site gets over 149 million visitors per month viewing over 3.7 billion pages. That’s a lot of ad inventory to run your affiliate offers on and that’s what Ben showed the attendees how to do.

PlentyOfFish is a great source of traffic not just because they have a ton of it. POF is a lot easier to deal with than other major traffic sources, like Facebook Ads. Unlike Facebook, POF can approve your ad within 24 hours and they’re a lot more friendly to affiliate marketers. Advertising on POF is extremely economical. The minimum bid is only 10 cents CPM.

Where PlentyOfFrish separate itself from the pack is the level of targeting options they offer. POF Ads is a self-serve ad system, like Google and Facebook, but the level of targeting is almost endless. You can drill down from nearly two dozen targeting categories. Do you want to target single males, living in Vancouver, who are over 35 years or older, own their own car, and have a dog for a pet? You can do that with PlentyOfFish!

Ben Louie from Plenty of FishBen Louie of PlentyOfFish

Ben gave a case study he did himself. His boss challenged him to make money with a lead gen offer from ShoeDazzle by adverting it on PlentyOfFish. Ben was able to make over 100% ROI within a week of testing and tweaking.

Plenty of Fish Ad Demo

Plenty of Fish Ads

Ben showed two more case studies from an affiliate marketer who was making tens of thousands per month with PlentyOfFish ads. He then gave a demo on how to create ads on PlentyOfFish and how to optimize those ads to get maximum exposure and clicks. Ben discussed targeting options, what offers work and don’t work on POF, the two different ways to test campaigns, and answered every question (no matter how stupid).

Setting up an advertising account on PlentyOfFish is instant and requires only a $25 deposit. Check out the POF Ads Blog for helpful tips and ideas on making money online with PlentyOfFish.

Next Monday, I will be the feature speaker for the Vancouver Internet Mastermind Group. The event is sold out, but there is a waiting list you can get on in case someone cancels. I hope I can do a good a job with my presentation as Ben did with his.