Make Money Online with Reseller Web Hosting

Many people don’t know this but one of the first Internet business I started was a web hosting company. The idea of running a hosting company really appealed to me because of its residual income potential (I love residual income). You only have to set up the client once and as long as he stays a customer, you collect a nice monthly income for no extra work, or so I thought. I build up my hosting service to about two dozen local clients. Eventually, I kicked out all the clients and quit because I got tire of getting phone calls in the middle of the night asking, “How come my email isn’t working?” That was almost nine years ago. It’s too bad that Reseller Hosting Guide (the subject of this ReviewMe review) wasn’t around back then because I could have really used their help and I may still be in the hosting business today.

What Is Reseller Hosting Guide


Reseller Hosting Guide was launched on June 18th of 2005. It was started by Ben and Joel (the same guys who run Web Hosting Unleashed) because there wasn’t enough resources out there for people wanting to start web hosting companies. Reseller Hosting Guide covers everything you need to know about reseller web hosting. From how to get started, to hiring, to setting up automatic account creation, to monitoring tools, to choosing a host, it’s all here. The site even offers 12 free hosting company templates. Reseller Hosting Guide is mostly read by web designers or entrepreneurs looking to start a hosting company or hosting company owners.

The amount of information on Reseller Hosting Guide is extremely impressive. The site is divided into five categories.

Many people think it takes a lot of money to start a web hosting business but it’s a lot cheaper than you think. You don’t even need any equipment. The key is reseller hosting and Reseller Hosting Guide does a great job explaining what that is.

You buy a reseller web hosting package with 1,000 MB disk space and 1,000 MB bandwidth. You then break this into 10 separate accounts with 100 MB disk space and 100 MB bandwidth each and then you sell these smaller packages to your customers. So if you sell each of these packages for $10.00 dollars a month you would be making $100.00 and your only cost is the reseller web hosting package which cost $15.00 a month. So your total profit would be $85.00 a month.

When I started, I was using a reselling hosting package much like what was described above. However, my problem wasn’t finding a good reseller plan (Reseller Hosting Guide has a nice list of recommended resellers). My biggest headache was dealing with stupid customers. This is where the articles in the Running your Hosting Business section would have really came in handy. You’ll find information on client communication, fraud protection, legal, hiring and firing, providing tech support, etc.

Affiliate Marketing + Web Hosting = Big Money

One of my favorite articles in Reseller Hosting Guide is the one about using affiliate marketing to make money from web hosting. This can give you all the benefits of running a web hosting business without any of the customer service headaches.

If you are curious at what MidPhase is paying affiliates per month. 75% of 4,000 clients a month is 3,000 clients from affiliates. Their site says they pay $85 per client minimum, that means at the very least they are paying out $255,000 per month to affiliates. That means this next year at the very least they will be paying 3 million dollars in payments ($3,060,000)!

Whether you want to start your own web hosting business or wish to make money from it via affiliate marketing, Reseller Hosting Guide is a great resource. Ben and Joel has been in the industry for a long time and have a great deal of experience and are highly qualified to write on the topic.

I love Reseller Hosting Guide not just because it has great information on making money with web hosting but because it’s a big moneymaker as well. Web hosting is one of the highest paying keywords on the Net and web hosting companies pay big checks to affiliates who can refer new customers to them. I can only guess how much Ben and Joel are making off those recommended web hosts.