Make Money Online with Squarespace Affiliate Program

Go back to the early days of the Internet and you’ll find that it was incredibly rare for regular folks to have their own websites. It’s a remarkably different story today, but some people still think that it is difficult to design their own sites. And that’s where you can capitalize on an opportunity.

In today’s review, we’ll be taking a look at the Squarespace affiliate program. You may have already heard about this content management platform, but did you know that you can rake in some serious dough telling people to use it?

Web Design for the Rest of Us

Before I get into the affiliate program, it’s probably a good idea to give you a brief description of Squarespace. In short, it is a publishing platform that allows you to design “exceptional website” without ever touching a single line of code.

Quite unlike many other alternatives, Squarespace is actually a fully hosted and fully managed environment. This means that while you should still go out to buy your own domain, you don’t have to deal with any hosting issues. You can also use the intuitive yet powerful online interface to completely customize your site.

The best way to understand how Squarespace works is to take a look at the video tour. After watching the overview video, you can go down the left sidebar on that page to get more details about each of the different components. Changes to your site design, like dimensions and colors, can be previewed in real time.

Examples of What Squarespace Can Do

Another way to get a sense of what is possible with Squarespace is to check out the live examples. Below is a screenshot from The Hills Market website, powered by Squarespace.

If you go to the main page for examples, you’ll see a number of different categories of sites that use the publishing platform. These range from blogs to e-commerce sites, non-profit organizations to photography portfolios. This versatility is a great selling point when it comes to promoting Squarespace.

The Lucrative Affiliate Program

And this is where you can earn some big bucks.

The affiliate program is powered by Impact Radius. If you don’t already have an account with Impact Radius, you’ll need to sign up for one before you’re able to promote the Squarespace platform and earn referral commissions.

The signup process is pretty standard as far as affiliate programs are concerned. It’ll ask for your name, mailing address, your preferred promotion channels, and so on. You will then need to verify your e-mail address and wait for account approval.

As you may have noticed, Squarespace has different pricing plans, so it only makes sense that there are different payout levels. However, even the cheapest level (Standard) pays out a referral commission of $50. Remember that your referrals will only be paying $12/month for the Standard plan if they sign up for one year.

Bump that up to the Advanced or Business plans and you’re earning commissions of $70 and $100, respectively. That’s quite the lucrative affiliate program. If you happen to be a consultant or are otherwise offering web-related services, you could easily “recommend” Squarespace to your clients and earn juicy commissions along with your usual rate.

A Powerful Alternative to WordPress

You may have seen Squarespace promoted around the Internet and now you know why. It looks to be a fantastic publishing platform with lots of versatility. It also looks to be quite easy to use and understand, even for people who aren’t terribly familiar with web design.

The high payouts, starting at $50 per referral, are pretty enticing. It’s also great that they have 45-day cookies (plus 30-day free trials), but the 60-day payment schedule might be longer than some affiliates would like to have.