Make Money Online with The Amazon Money Machine

Matt Clark, who did a couple of live webinars with my friend Jason Katzenback (better known as John Cow) last week, has finally opened the doors to his new Amazon Money Machine program. If you caught Matt’s live webinar or watched the replay, he briefly mentioned a few of the things that you’ll get with Amazon Money Machine.

Matt makes over $100,000 a month off Amazon, and he pretty much laid out how he did it during the webinar. If you understood the concepts, then you’re pretty much ready to create your own $100,000 Amazon business. However, if you feel you need some hand holding and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make a killing with Amazon, then the Amazon Money Machine is for you.

Inside The Amazone Money Machine

I have been going through the materials in the Amazon Money Machine, and I have to say, it’s pretty quality stuff. There are 67 videos, a private members forums and some pretty awesome bonus materials as well. The greatest bonus is reserved for the first 400 people who sign up for the Amazon Money Machine.

First Mover Bonus – 8 Weeks Of Group Coaching With Matt

The first 400 people who sign up for the Amazon Money Machine will get eight weeks of group coaching sessions with Matt. This includes live Q&A at the end of each coaching call. This is only available for the first 400 because there is no way to do group live Q&A coaching for more than that. Matt be there to help, lend a hand, answer your questions, help you overcome obstacles and kick you in the butt if need be.

The first 400 will also get the 1,876 HOT money niches spreadsheet. Using the powerful Amazon Money Finder software (included with the Amazon Money Machine), Matt uncovered a ton of awesome opportunities for you. You’ll be able to hit the pavement running with this spreadsheet.

Matt covers the Amazon Money Machine with a 60 days no questions asked money-back guarantee. Try the program for a full 60 days, attend his live coaching calls, and if you’re not 100% satisfy for any reason, give Matt an email and he’ll give you your money back.

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