Make Money Online with Yee Shun Jian

The great thing about the Internet is that it has been able to demolish all sorts of barriers and boundaries for all sorts of people. John grew up in the poorest postal code in Canada, for example, but he now resides in the one of the richest.

Similarly, Yee Shun Jian of was quite shy as a child, but the Internet removed much of the social awkwardness of real world interactions while allowing him to network with people all around the world. And now, he’s being featured on John Chow dot Com in today’s review. That’s pretty good.

Who Is Yee Shun Jian?

And perhaps more importantly, why should I care what he has to say? Well, he has decided to ramp up his efforts on the Internet marketing blog by describing last year’s success.

Is it possible to make a full-time income as a work-from-home online entrepreneur? Absolutely. In fact, Yee Shun Jian made six figures in 2009 from his affiliate marketing exploits.

In the post, in addition to sharing pictures of some commission payments, he explains some of the basic strategies he employed. He worked on his mindset first, took massive action, got into niches he was passionate about, and he became an expert.

If you’ve read the book I wrote with John, then you’ll know that you’re better off blogging about your area of interest rather than one that is immediately shown as lucrative. That way, you’ll stick with it.

What Does He Like?

In addition to ReadyFireIM, Yee Shun Jian is also the blogger behind Rich Grad, a site about “personal development for the book smart.”

The layout of the two sites is very similar… and that’s not necessarily a good thing. With so many fantastic WordPress themes available on the web, it’s a shame that a self-professed Internet marketer is using one that is so amateur-ish in appearance. For a little more respectability, I suggest Yee get a new theme.

Writing Style and Content

Even though the blog isn’t updated nearly as often as John Chow dot Com or Beyond the Rhetoric, does offer some interesting content that is both entertaining and useful.

The blog posts are written in a casual, conversational tone, making them easy to digest and understand. ReadyFireIM currently only has two blog posts on it, but Yee Shun Jian promises that he’ll have more to follow up on his six-figure writeup.

On a side note, you may want to note that Yee earned over 100,000 Singapore Dollars. That works out to about US$72,000, based on today’s exchange rate. Still a very impressive figure.

Internet Marketing, Not Advertising

For a blog that focuses on Internet Marketing, ReadyFireIM doesn’t have much in terms of advertising. The same can be said about

While he will likely include some affiliate links in there at some point, the only other advertising consists of a couple 125×125 ad blocks in the sidebar. If you were to ask John, he’d tell you that if you’re going to have ads on your blog, then really have ads on your blog.

Looking at the Next Step

The more sources of good information you can get, the better. In addition to John’s advice, it might pay to see what Yee Shun Jian is doing too.

To this end, he’s opening up the floor to your Internet marketing questions. If you want to know something about making money online, he encourages you to pose your queries through the linked blog post.

All in all, I appreciate the easily approachable writing style of Yee Shun Jian and I look forward to see what kind of advice he’ll have to offer for novice online entrepreneurs. He’s quick to say that he’s just a regular guy, reminding us that luck has little to do with it. Your potential for success is in your hands.