Make Money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson, who refers to himself as a Super Affiliate, has been busy promoting his new blog by ordering a bunch of ReviewMe reviews from other bloggers (here and here for example). I figure it was only a matter of time before Zac ordered a review from me. After all, you can’t be a Super Affiliate and not order a review from John Chow dot Com!

Who Is Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson has been in the affiliate marketing game for 10+ years, making Zac as old as me in term of Internet moneymaking experience. Zac is the founder of the MoneyReign Network and derives most of his Internet income from it. While I would love to do a business model breakdown of MoneyReign, Zac ordered a review of his blog and not his network. However, I may come back to it at a later date.

Zac Johnson is a true Super Affiliate. Many affiliate marketers call themselves Super Affiliate but are not. True Super Affiliates run their own affiliate networks. Just as Shoemoney has his AuctionAds, Zac Johnson has his MoneyReign Network.

The Zac Johnson Blog

zac.jpgZac started his blog on March 17 of this year and has done a reasonably good job at keeping it updated with at least one new post per day. The posts are mostly about making money with affiliate marketing but there are few personal posts to keep the blog lighthearted. Lighthearted was the image I got when first visiting Zac’s blog. features a caricature of Zac with a crown on his head and holding a fist full of dollars.

Zac does a good job personalizing his site to add that human element that most blogs lack. From his descriptive about page to his photo gallery, you get the impression that Zac is a down to earth guy who’s really having fun at what he’s doing.

For such a new blog, has a ton of categories. Many of the categories overlap each other. I’m not a fan of too many categories but I can see that Zac is doing this more for tagging and SEO than trying to make his blog look bigger than it really is.

The stated purpose of is to help you make money online (this sounds familiar). All posts on the blog are from Zac’s 10+ year of experience. Some of the more noteworthy entries include:

Monetized With Affiliate Deals Only

True to Zac’s Super Affiliate title, is monetized with affiliate deals only. In addition to reviews on advertising networking (using his affiliate link), Zac offers a Make Money page with his list of approved moneymakers. Zac’s list is a little different than my list because it’s geared towards affiliate marketing.

Aside from the affiliate links, Zac has done nothing else to monetize his blog. It will be interesting to see what direction he takes the blog in as it gets bigger. The blog headline states there will be no paid sponsorship of post. However, posts with affiliate links are no problem. 🙂

I have added to my Google Reader (he offers a full feed RSS). There are tons of online moneymaking blogs on the Internet. Most are started by bloggers who couldn’t make money online if their life depended on it. is not one of those blogs. It’s good to see Zac enter the blogsphere to share his knowledge. I look forward to reading his future posts.