Make Sky High Profits with eBay Online Auctions


The other day I talked about a tracking program that would help you make money through PPC affiliate campaigns. That’s one way to make money online. Another avenue that you can try is selling stuff on eBay and other popular online auction sites. Today’s review focuses on the upcoming launch of Sky High Auctions, set to be one of the premiere online courses in how to make money from eBay.

Learn From eBay PowerSellers

You wouldn’t go to your dentist for car advice, right? Well, the same is true with making money online. There are countless online courses that claim to teach you secrets to eBay domination, but many of these are designed and run by people who have never made a dime on the auction site. By contrast, the online eBay course created by Sky High Auctions pulls on a network of 15 PowerSellers, including Sky High’s own Jeremy Huber.


The lessons that you’ll learn from these eBay experts are surely more valuable than guys who only use the auction site to get rid of junk lying around the house. PowerSellers, by contrast, “rank among the most successful sellers on eBay in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.” In order to get this distinction, sellers must have consistent sales volume, 98% total positive feedback, and a detailed seller rating of 4.5 or higher in all four DSRs (item description, communication, shipping time, and shipping charges). More information can be found on eBay.

More Than Just An E-Book

The Sky High Auctions program is billed as an online course. This is because you get much more than a single e-book out of the deal. We were granted a sneak peek of the member’s area and although the official launch is still nearly three weeks away, they’ve already stocked the back end with tons of useful information.


These are full lessons and there are lots of them. At the time of this review, 15 beginners lessons have been posted, as well as over 20 intermediate lessons. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some of the lesson titles.

  • Registering with eBay: What You MUST Know Before You Sell
  • How to Find Niche Markets & Profitable Stuff to Sell
  • How to Write Knock-out Titles & Descriptions
  • 5 Minute Photo Editing
  • Shipping Secrets of the Powersellers
  • Expand Your Horizons: Becoming a Trading Assistant
  • Trade Shows for Powerful Product Sourcing
  • Moving Beyond eBay: Other Places to Sell Online

And these lessons are very, very lengthy. In addition to videos, screenshots, and other visual aids, Lesson 5 (What’s Your Item Really Worth?) was over 4000 words long. All lessons are laid out like a textbook, meaning you get an overview in the beginning, sub-sections throughout, and a summary at the end. It’s really like going to eBay school.

Here’s a brief snippet from Lesson 5, reminding sellers than they too can control demand:

It’s important to consider this when selling on eBay. In the past, sellers have made the mistake of flooding the market with items out of a desire to get as many sales as possible, thereby shooting themselves in the foot, reducing the market price for good and ruining a niche for everyone.

Bonus Resources

It’s not like Sky High Auctions is just going to send you out to the eBay wolves, even if they’re going to arm you with a bountiful supply of lessons and learnings. Above and beyond these offerings, they’ve also got some bonus resources like the Blue Auction Template pictured below. There’s also a green and tan variant. As time goes on, they may add more stuff.


Moreover, they have something called the Sky High Vault where users can get extra videos and lessons for free. These include e-products like “Email Promos Exposed”, “Secrets Of Elite Marketers”, and “Giant Package of 106 Niche Products with Master Resell Rights”.

Launch Day Special

Right now, the Sky High Auctions main page redirects to the company blog. I’m not a fan of the big section that follows each post, containing a signature, an author image and info, a P.S., and the full comment form. They could easily stand to remove at least the comment form, because it’s so redudant.

That said, these “fat endings” remind visitors that if they sign up to the launch notification list, they will receive an extra $497 worth of bonuses on launch day, plus they will get access 1 hour before anyone else. The first 500 copies sold will go for $167 and then the price rises to $267. Based on my rough calculation, the countdown on the main page points toward a March 6 launch.

In the meantime, check out the first free video to get a taste of what Sky High Auctions has to offer.