Making Ecommerce Easy with StoreBox Solutions


There are several strategies you can take to make money online and a content-based site, like a blog, is just one of these. A rather major alternative is e-commerce, providing you with the ability to sell physical goods over the Internet. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea how to code an e-commerce website. StoreBox Ecommerce Solutions put in this review request, showing us just how easy it is to have and to use a fully functional shopping cart software suite. They’re targeting everyone from entry-level to advanced users.

Putting Your Store In a Turnkey Box

StoreBox has a number of different ecommerce solutions, but they all fundamentally work in the same way and come with the same $99 monthly fee. This monthly fee will include the hosting of your website, shopping cart integration, payment processing, and access to a manager’s backend. I highly suggest that you watch the demo video — available from the main page — to get a better sense of how StoreBox works.


In this video, StoreBox goes through all of their key features and how your online store will work. The video is broken down into several sections and you can navigate to previous sections if you missed anything. I did find that the transition between sections was not all that smooth and this is something that they might want to work on.

The shopping cart software suite comes with four key managers to run your e-commerce site: Catalog Manager, Order Manager, Tax Manager, and Shipping Manager. Each of these, as you can imagine, takes care of its portion of the sales cycle. With the Catalog Manager, you are able to enter new items, control discounts, implement coupons, set shipping charges, and so on.


For a complete list of what is included with your StoreBox ecommerce solution, check their full feature list. Some of the highlights include nightly backups, unlimited POP3 email accounts, and integration with PayPal, Moneris, and LinkPoint.

Painless Entry Into Ecommerce

I am quite impressed with professionalism displayed on the StoreBox site. I obviously have not tried their ecommerce solution, but it seems like a comprehensive package that just about anyone can use. They have even set up a sample site so that you can know what a StoreBox-run ecommerce solution would look like in the real world.


Further to this real world view, StoreBox also has links to some of their best-known customers. These include Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, Metalsmiths Accessories, and Telus Mobility. In their own words, each of these websites “started with our core product, StoreBox, and were customized to meet the specific business requirements of the respective company.” The StoreBox implementation is seamless. I didn’t even know that StoreBox powered the Telus Mobility site.

Most customers would probably be interested in the StoreBox turnkey ecommerce solution, because it’s probably the easiest to use and deploy. Select from 12 graphic themes, integrate your company logo, update the catalog, and you’re pretty much ready to go. This is certainly easier than trying to code your own online shopping cart. At the same time, there is enough personal branding to make your online store look unique and original. It would have been nice if the themes were available in different colors without having to pay an additional premium.

Basic, Professional, Custom

In addition to the $99 monthly fee, the other major cost involved covers project and setup charges. For example, if you just want the basic solution, it’ll only cost you $149 to setup. Professional integration, on the other hand, costs nearly $5,000 to setup. This is because the Basic Solution results in a very plain website that is mostly text-based. The Professional Integration, by contrast, sets up a site that is more in line with your current corporate image. You can go even further with the Custom Solution too.


Simplify Your Ecommerce With StoreBox

The StoreBox Ecommerce Solution sounds very solid and reasonably easy to use. I also like they offer a developers kit, opening up their ecommerce engine to people who need to design ecommerce sites for their clients. The setup and project charges are a little steep ($4,995 for professional integration), but the $99 monthly fee seems fair. If you’re serious about ecommerce, StoreBox might be for you.