Making Money Online and Avoiding The Scams

The following was guest blogged by Steve from I’ve Tried That.

This is part one in a three part piece around making money online and avoiding the scams that are out there.

You and I have common interests. We’re after the same goal: making money online. It sounds simple and John makes it look easy, but if you’ve dedicated any time to trying to turn a profit on the web, you know it’s a lot harder than it looks. Unfortunately for you, as part of those looking to make a living online, you’re one of the most victimized groups on the web today. Don’t believe me? Google ‘make money online’ and just look at the sponsored ads. Nearly every single ad is spam.

What we do at and what we intend to do with these guests posts is to educate as many people as we can about various work at home and make money online scams. Most scams operate under the guise of ‘Look! Everyone is making hundreds of thousands of dollars online and you’re losing money by not acting RIGHT NOW!’ They then show Clickbank or bank accounts with thousands of dollars earned, people holding bags of money, and flashy expensive cars. All the while, you feel like a sucker for not finding out about this website earlier.

In desperation you pull out your wallet and make a purchase before the text-box counter hits 0 and the ‘special 30-minute’ sale that’s happening right now ends. Before you know it, you’re out $7 or $27 or $47 or maybe even $197 and you’re left with a crappy outdated book on how to do affiliate marketing. Hell, just reading is more educational and it’s free!

You were scammed. Swindled out of money that should be rightfully yours, but you were defrauded by a website that made you believe that you’d be given the secret formula to success. Unfortunately, there is no secret. The Internet operates just like real life. If you plan on making a living online, it’s going to take hard work and dedication. Nothing comes quick and easy in life. It sucks. I’m sure many readers can relate to the feeling of getting suckered out of money.

With the growing pressure of falling economies and rising gas prices, more and more people are looking to making money through alternative measures. A lot of people are turning to the Internet to make money, but sadly, Internet crime is on the rise. All hope is not lost however. The next piece will show you the common themes around these make money online scams and what you can look for to avoid future situations like these.