Making Money Online with Studybay Term Papers

Writing doesn’t come easily to a lot of people, particularly within the academic and educational context where students are expected to produce reports, essays and term papers on a fairly frequent basis. It can get incredibly stressful with fast-approaching deadlines too, which is why some students may turn to term paper writing services for help.

Today, we take a look at one such marketplace, but not really from the perspective of the student or from the person hired to write the essay. Instead, today’s review is focused on the Studybay affiliate program, providing a potentially lucrative opportunity for all the Internet marketers in the audience.

What Is Studybay?

Studybay was designed with the stressful student in mind. You have an essay or a paper that needs to be written and you simply don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to do it. With Studybay, you can turn to an expert to write the paper for you. They guarantee it is plagiarism free and thanks to high privacy settings, no one ever needs to find out you used the service.


I do need to preface this by saying that hiring someone else to write your essays for school very clearly treads into an ethically suspicious territory. If you are caught, you risk suspension or expulsion from your academic institution. By promoting such a program, you are implicitly supporting such a practice too.

That being said, as with all things in life, the final decision is ultimately up to you. As a business, there is clearly a market for such a service and there is clearly money to be made.

How Much Do Essays Cost?

Pricing for essays and papers will naturally range considerably based on your specific requirements. There are three key factors at play here: type of paper, academic level and work count range. Interestingly, while you can choose between high school, masters or PhD, there is no option for an undergraduate (“bachelors”) level.


Using the convenient price calculator, we can see that a research paper at a masters level with 2,000 to 3,000 words would cost $125, which is roughly what the average bill is for most customers. The same research paper at a high school level costs about half as much ($58), while a similar paper at the PhD level is $173. There are more than 10,000 authors ready to take on these assignments.

Affiliate Program Highlights

What if you are neither a student nor an author? More importantly in this context, we have the affiliate program from Studybay. There are many important factors that could make this program highly appealing to the right affiliate.


Remember how I said the average bill from a Studybay customer is about $125? Studybay offers a very generous 40-60% commission rate on every first order with a 15% commission on subsequent orders. That means that a single $125 essay could net you as much as a $75 payout.

What’s more, Studybay has indicated that the average customer places a total of 10 orders, meaning that you have a great opportunity at residual income. The conversion rate is also very high at around the 60% range.

Attracting Customers That Will Convert

Studybay offers a good variety of promotional materials for its affiliates, so long as you are able to attract the right kind of traffic numbers.


The ad banners, while not terribly creative, do come in a range of colors and sizes. You can also direct your traffic to the mobile-friendly landing page or embed the form on your website directly.

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of the Studybay affiliate program is that you don’t have to wait on a net-30 payment schedule. You don’t have to reach a higher payment threshold to unlock your monthly payment.

The payment amount appears in your affiliate dashboard as soon as payment is processed from the client and you can request payment that day. There are instant payments every day and the minimum threshold is just $10. Withdrawals can be made to bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), Webmoney or Paypal.

If you’re already generating education traffic, particularly from students in high school and college, and you do not have any ethical or moral objections to the business of buying and selling term papers, you might consider signing up as an affiliate with Studybay. And you’ll study all the way to the bank.

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