Managing Multiple Membership Sites Like a Pro


Most of us would agree that WordPress is a great content management system if you only have to deal with a single blog. There is a lot of support, plenty of plug-ins, and the ability to customize the application as you see fit. However, WordPress may not be quite as viable a solution if you want to run several sites at a time.

When you get to that level, it may be time to consider an alternative solution that can handle multiple installations from a single user interface. Further still, you want this single point of access to give you a strong and robust set of features. One such solution is SiteManPro, the software package that acts as the subject of this review. According to the developers, SiteManPro offers a comprehensive system to handle all of your content management and monetization needs.

Managing Blogs and Membership Sites

Just like a self-hosted WordPress application, SiteManPro runs on your own server. This overcomes any concerns for security and privacy that may have otherwise arisen with a third-party hosting solution. SiteManPro also provides you with the full source code, so you can customize the application as needed.

The comprehensive system of SiteManPro is meant to handle every aspect of running a successful website. This includes managing your content, selling digital products, managing your customers, integrating with affiliate systems, and more. The full list of features is remarkably long.


Using SiteManPro, you have your choice of running a free blog or a paid membership site. Both of these can be suited up with custom themes and you can switch between the two options from within the admin panel.

The only difference is that the blog provides readers with free full access, whereas the paid membership site requires a login to access the full text. For the payment processing, this membership software also has the ability to add customers, track refunds, show refund rates, and so on.

Adding New Posts and Pages

As mentioned, you can use this content management tool to handle the blog posts that you have on several domain. These are all listed under the “sites” section of the administrative panel and you can click to add posts and pages from there.


The user interface for adding posts through SiteManPro comes with a series of different fields, but I found that the single column layout is not as user-friendly (and appealing to the eye) than the WordPress dashboard that I’ve come to know and love.

Even so, you have the ability to select the target site, assign categories, set the posting date, provide an SEO-friendly post slug and define the excerpt. The actual content is written used a WYSIWYG HTML editor that looks a lot like MS Word. The interface is the same for pages and you do have the ability to upload new images on the fly.

The Rest of the Admin Picture

You also have to remember that SiteManPro is meant to be a complete business management tool, so it does more than just handle your content. Logging into the admin area, you are immediately shown the dashboard, which provides a snapshot of your income, expenses, customers, suppliers, contacts, and keywords tracked.

The admin area is broken into seven tabs. The home tab shows the dashboard and allows for basic configuration. Beyond that, you have marketing, people, finance, shop, sites, and manage.


Under the “People” tab, for instance, you have the ability to manage your contractors, suppliers, and contacts. Since SiteManPro can be used to sell products too, it’s helpful being able to manage your suppliers from within this same interface. This includes memberships, digital delivery, and CDs/DVDs via Kunaki integration.

Special John Chow dot Com Discount

If you were to purchase this software through the main page, you’d have to pay full price like very other schmuck that came across this solution. However, you’re reading about this on John Chow dot Com, so SiteManPro came up with a special price for John Chow dot Com readers.


Rather than pay the full price of $147 for each 12-month membership, you can use the special link to save $47 off that price, paying just $100 for a year. If you can use this software to make at least $9 a month, you’re coming out ahead… but you want to make more than that.