Market Leverage Cashinator Challenge

It all started when Shoemoney challenged me to see if I can grab more cash than him while inside the Market Leverage Cashinator. The winner would get the loser’s money. The loser would also need to give the winner another $100 from his own pocket. All the money would then be given to a reader on the winner’s blog.

We were all ready to go when Tyler Cruz showed up at the last minute and wanted in on the Challenge. Then Zac Johnson wanted it in as well. So, the new rules were, everyone would go into the Cashinator at the same time and grab as much cash as possible. Then we would each go into the Cashinator by ourselves to grab as much cash as possible. The winner would get all the money. The losers would each have to give an extra 100 from their own pocket.

At the end of the challenge, one blogger won over $500 to give away on his blog. Find out who won in the video below.