Massively Small


Today I went to the Tech Vibes “Massive” trade show at the leaky golf ball, AKA Science World. As you can see by the above photo, they’re still fixing the leaks. The golf ball was built for Expo 86 and I guess it wasn’t meant to last this long.


I always say one should be careful when choosing a name for a trade show. If you’re going to call yourself Massive, then people would expect you to live up to that name. Compared to the trade shows that I cover for The TechZone, Massive was anything but. All of Science World could have fit into the media room at the recent 2006 CES in Las Vegas. There were about 150 exhibitors showing off their wares to the attendees, compared to over 2,500 at CES.

This is not to say Massive was a bad event – far from it. The floor was filled with highly targeted technology booths that cater to the Vancouver high tech scene, and the speakers were top notch. I just felt they could have chosen a better name to call the event than Massive. But hey, I guess that’s better than calling your show Tech Vibes Massively Small.