Measure Twice Cut Once!

This post was guest blogged by Shannon Lilly of Infected By Bugs.

Have you ever heard the saying “Measure Twice Cut Once”?

Over the years of growing up my dad has preached this to me so many times its not even funny.

Before you publish the next post on your blog perhaps you should look over it carefully. How much time do you spend editing a post before you consider it done?

Believe it or not most of the newb bloggers on the net these days don’t even look over the posts before they go live. This results in a sub-par read for the viewers and in turn can affect who subscribes.

It really is a shame, with a little love and consideration these blog could do so much more for them in the blogosphere. Think about it, do you think sites like Digg will put an article that has spelling mistakes left and right on their front page? I doubt it.

You may think I am nit-picking you, I AM!

The details make the difference in the blogosphere today, anyone can knock out a sub-par post in 20-30 minutes but not everyone can put out a kick-butt article that looks and reads impressively.

Oh, and don’t worry about the nay-sayers who believe you HAVE to make one post or more per day to be a great blog, that’s simply not true. I would assume all those who make those statements would agree with me when I say “Quality is better then Quantity”, I won’t disagree in the fact it won’t help you but it’s not necessary to have a great blog and that’s really another topic for another time.

If you are that worried about it perhaps you should do some post stock piling as myself and John has talked about before on our own blogs. My theory is simple, take the time to review your post and re-read it at least two times before it goes live. I do this myself and I am actually surprised sometimes to how many mistakes I have in a post.

By reviewing them twice before I they go live I lower my mistake level to a minimum and that’s what people want to see and read. People who read your blog want to see a level of professionalism and it’s your job to give it to them!