Membership Site Mastermind Is Live! Here’s How To Get It For FREE

My friend Yaro Starak has just opened the door on his new Membership Site Mastermind program and I’ve teamed up with him to give it to you for FREE! If you’ve downloaded Yaro’s free 72 page eBook on how to make money from a membership site and watch his video on how he made over $200,000 in 8-months with just one membership site, then you already know that a membership site is great business model and one that can give you the Dot Com Lifestyle.

Membership Site Mastermind covers everything, and I do mean everything, there is to know about developing, setting up and running a money making membership site. And if you’re a blogger, then you are in the enviable position of getting the maximum value out of this program. Although having a blog is not necessary for releasing a membership site, it gives you many specific advantages because a blog is one of the best marketing tool for promoting a membership site.

How To Get Membership Site Mastermind For FREE

Actually, the deal is better than free. Yaro offers two options for Membership Site Mastermind. The first option gives you Membership Site Mastermind plus immediate access to the members-only resources. The cost is three monthly payments of $297. What I will do is give you TWO free $500 reviews to help you promote your membership site when it’s ready. The first review will help you kick it off with a bang. The second review will follow a short time later to close those who are still on the fence. So, pay $297 per month for three months and get two reviews worth $1,000 for free. Add it up and not only did you get Membership Site Mastermind for free, but you’re ahead of the game by $109!

Add Blog Mastermind for Only $297

Yaro’s Blog Mastermind program normally sells for $497. However, if you sign up for Membership Site Mastermind, you’ll have the opportunity to add Blog Masetermind to your order for only $297. So, for four monthly payments of $297, you’ll get Membership Site Mastermind, Blog Mastermind and two reviews worth $1,000 for free. Your net cost for everything is only $188!

What’s the catch for all this? You have to sign up using my link. You must use my link or you won’t show up in my control panel. If you don’t show up, I can’t give you the free reviews. You may want to clear all your browser cookies before clicking the link to make sure it register correctly.

24 Hour Fast Action Bonus

Yaro’s offering a special bonus pack to readers registering for Membership Site Mastermind within 24 hours of it opening. There are five bonuses, including:

  • Two live workshop presentation recordings from Yaro (he rarely speaks on stage, so this is unique content from his latest talks in 2009)
  • A series of 13 videos of Yaro revealing his techniques to build a successful and profitable blog (this is really comprehensive stuff!)
  • An interview and coaching call discussion with Gideon Shalwick on how to create video using a basic PC or Mac computer
  • A detailed discussion of advanced conversion tactics with Will Swayne, the man who helped Yaro sell more of his products in 2008

You only qualify for these bonuses if you join Membership Site Mastermind within 24 hours of it opening, so you need to be quick!

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Yaro and I are so sure you’ll see tremendous benefit from Membership Site Mastermind that we’re offering a lifetime money back guarantee. If for any reason, and at anytime, you feel that you didn’t get your money’s worth, send Yaro an email and he’ll refund your money, no questions asked. If you’re a really evil person, you can buy the course, get the free reviews to launch your site and then ask for a refund. This is a risk we take but we’re so confident in the product, we’re not worry about it. We just want to assure you that you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Membership Site Mastermind is open for registration for four days only or until all the spots are filled. I have a strong feeling it will sell out before the four days are up so you better register now to ensure your spot.

Membership Site Mastermind

Register for Membership Site Mastermind and Get Two $500 Reviews for FREE