Membership Site Mastermind Reopens for 24 Hours Only

Because many people missed the emails and blog posts last week due to being sick, or traveling or because they forgot to turn their computer on (what!) or are just plain unorganized, Yaro is opening up his Membership Site Mastermind course for one more day.

The doors will reopen on Tuesday at 11 AM EST US Time and you can sign up for the course during the next 24 hour period.

Yaro told me that several people emailed him asking to join because they were too indecisive last week. Indecision is a killer sometimes, causing you to put off things you really should do today. Yaro’s first live coaching call is next week. That gives you time to study the materials and prepare yourself for the first live call.

This could be a life changing learning experience for you, Yaro is a great teacher and membership sites are the best model to make money with online today, so why wouldn’t you take this course?

Take Advantage of My $1,000 Bonus Offer

For those who are still sitting on the fence, I have a sweet bonus offer that will allow you to get Membership Site Mastermind for better than free. If you order Membership Site Mastermind through my link, I will give you two free $500 reviews to help you promote your membership site when it’s ready. The first review will help you kick it off with a bang. The second review will follow a short time later to close those who are still on the fence (kinda like what I’m doing right now).

Membership Site Mastermind cost $297 per month for three months. If you order through me, you will get two free reviews worth $1,000 to help launch and promote your site. Add it up and not only did you get Membership Site Mastermind for free, but you’re ahead of the game by $109!

However, you must use my link or you won’t show up in my control panel. If you don’t show up, I can’t give you the free reviews. You may want to clear all your browser cookies before clicking the link to make sure it register correctly.

Register for Membership Site Mastermind and Get Two $500 Reviews for FREE

Closing In