Microworkers Adds Hire Me Feature for Group Creation

You may be well versed in affiliate marketing, but maybe you need some help with designing a new website. Many people would outsource that kind of project, but you can also outsource much smaller tasks too.

One of the online services that you can try is called Microworkers and it aims to provide you with workers to perform micro jobs. In this review, we are going to focus on the new “Hire Me” feature that recently launched on Microworkers.

Wait. This Sounds Familiar

If you’re thinking that you’ve heard of Microworkers before, you’re probably right. I wrote a review of the site late last year, so you can check that out for a quick refresher on how Microworkers works.

The main features have remained unchanged, but they have now added something called Hire Me. These kinds of campaigns allow you only to hire the workers of your choosing. You can go through and look for the best workers, target workers from specific countries, exclude certain countries, and so forth.

If you want to go even further, it is even possible to use CSV-based spreadsheet data to generate more complex tasks.

Creating Specific Groups of Users

One of the main ways to utilize the new “Hire Me” feature on Microworkers is to create a number of groups for the different tasks that you plan to outsource.

You can create as many groups on this micro job site as you’d like. I allowed the system to automatically generate a few groups, though they are not automatically populated. I then created a custom group called “Michael Kwan’s Test Group” and went searching for users I want to include in it.

If you click on the group name, you can view the group members. You can also add workers here, but you need to know their specific worker IDs. That’s not exactly easy, unless you already know what they are.

That’s why it’s easier to utilize the “Best Workers” function to the right of the group list. This directs you to the screen above. Here, you can filter by country, as well as by other criteria like newest workers, most tasks done, most stars, and just worked. You can also look for workers who do Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogging, and so on; clicking on any individual user brings up his or her profile page for more detailed information.

Offer Micro Jobs Only to Your Groups

After you’ve established these groups, you can create new job campaigns that target these specific groups.

The micro tasks on Microworkers with the “Hire Me” groups is just like creating an open task on the site, except you can choose to restrict the campaign to certain groups. Beyond that, you can select the category, define the time needed, determine the number of available positions, and set the pay rate.

Based on these criteria, the campaign wizard will then tell you the estimated campaign cost. Naturally, you will also need to provide the information needed to complete the task too, including the “proof” that you’ll require to demonstrate that the task has been completed by your hired micro-workers.

Your Network of Outsourced Workers

The trouble that you may have encountered with using Microworkers initially was that the task was completely open to every user in the Microworkers database. You had less control over who took on your micro-jobs. What if you come to know, respect, and prefer certain workers over others?

The new “Hire Me” feature of Microworkers 2.0 helps to address this specific need. I’m still not completely convinced that you’ll get a lot of quality work at the micro-rate of pay, but if you have the right kinds of micro-tasks that need to be done, Hire Me could be remarkably beneficial.