Miscellaneous Ramblings – 10/11/2007

Meet Me at the AMD/Microsoft Power Together Tour

I will be at the Renaissance Harborside hotel on November 27 for the AMD/Microsoft Power Together Tour. If you’re in Vancouver and you’re interest in technology then why not come down and join me? Officially, you have to be in the industry to attend this function (which includes a free lunch) but if you’re evil, you’ll figure out a way to get in. The Power Tour is happening in 12 cities across the US and Canada.

Is Google Coming For You?

Lots of stories coming out about Google’s war on paid links. Search Engine Guide’s Jennifer Laycock has written up a great post on the subject.

Removing a site’s ability to pass link juice on those paid links makes perfect sense. Removing sites from the index instead of simply removing link power? That’s when I started believing Google was far more interested in sending the message “we will destroy you for daring to cross us” than about protecting the quality of their search results.

Should You Fake It Til You Make It?

If you don’t have money but make everyone think you have money, eventually you will have money. That’s the whole theme behind “fake it til you make it.” Good advice? I’m not sure, but Shoemony thinks there are some valid reasons to fake it until you make it. Shoe also has another cool post call If You Don’t Place Ads On Your Blog Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

BTW – I am ahead of the Shoe by 399 in our RSS competition. If you haven’t subscribe to my RSS feed yet, please do. It might win you some great prizes. You can also subscribe to the RSS by Email.

9 Grammar Rules all Bloggers Need to Know

I have to keep these rules in mind whenever I write a new blog post. How many of the nine mistakes have you made?

Million Euro Wiki Doubles It’s Productivity

Because of personal problems at the barn, the cow has sold the Million Euro Wiki to two people from the MEW community. The new owners plan to continue marketing the Wiki and take it to the next level. They also plan to continue the iPod giveaway after every 25 pages are sold. I will be giving away the 16GB iPod Touch that I won to one luck page owner who purchased a wiki page using the JohnChow coupon code.

TTZ Media Signs Up Over 150 Affiliates In One Day

My new ad network, TTZ Media, is off to a good start. Over 150 publishers have join the network since it opened. I will be making an optimization guide for the TTZ ads soon. Like any other ad network, performance depends heavily on how well you integrate the ads into your site.

The biggest advantage of TTZ Media is the pinpoint targeting of products. You can see in the above example how I pulled an ad for a 16GB iPod Touch. Imagine the number of clicks you would get if were to do a review of the iPod and had that banner embedded into the review.

If you haven’t join TTZ Media yet, sign up here.

41 Reasons Why Your Blog Probably Sucks

There are many reasons why your blog sucks. Performancing has came up with 41 of them. This is reason number eight.

Too personal. Unless there’s some lesson in your very personal discussions, don’t include them. John Chow gets away with restaurant reviews in his blog about making money online, but you won’t. If you want a diary blog, fine – but don’t expect to make money on it.

I can get away with anything! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ