Miscellaneous Ramblings – 10/27/2007

Google PageRank Algorithm Leaked

It seems everyone is still tied up in a knot over the recent Google PageRank update. Well, it seems a trusted source inside the Google headquarters has leaked part of the PageRank algorithm that Google used to to slapped a bunch of blogs this week. A big thanks to BlogStorm.com for the heads up on this one. Looking at the codes, things become a lot clearer.

$pos = strpos($spammers, $domain);
if ($pos === false) {
$newpagerank=rand(0, 10);
} else {
$newpagerank=rand(0, $pagerank);

Which New Look Do You Like?

The blog redesign craze that started when John Chow dot Com got a new look continues with new designs for eMonetized, BCM Blog and Tyler Cruz.

I like all three designs. I think Tyler’s theme is the most personalized because of that caricature . eMonetized has a very clean theme except those $100 bills take up quite a bit of space and makes the featured posts and recent entries hard to read. I’m not really sure if the big space showing just the bills should be there. Removing the space and moving the contents up would make it look cleaner and readers would still see the bills in the feature posts and recent entries field. BCM Blog is the most colorful because of the two big red space. Which theme do you like?

Michael Kwan Turns 25

I like to wish my work for food writer, Michael Kwan, a very happy birthday. Michael turns the big two-five today. Well, it was actually yesterday but his birthday party is today. There better be good food at that restaurant!

Hacking The MyBlogLog Avatars

Readers with sharp eyes may noticed that the MyBlogLog avatars on this blog no longer links to MyBlogLog. Instead, they link to the blogs of the commentators. I feel linking the avatars to the commentators’ blogs made more sense. It provides one more reward to the blog commentators.

Good Little Bloggers Don’t Get Rich

CashQuests has a post on why you should be evil if you want to make money online. And here I thought I was proof enough. You may also want to check out their post on why only losers try to make money online.

The Bad Timing Award

I wanted to link to Zac Johnson because he posted part 2 of his excellent series on PPC marketing. However, Zac’s blog is down right – it gives me a error connecting to the database. When Zac’s blog comes back, I recommend you head over there and check out the article.

Zombie In Plain English

With Halloween just a few days away, the possibility of being attack by a Zombie is greatly increased. This video should help you survive if you encounter a Zombie attack while trick or treating.

Source: Ed Lau