Miscellaneous Ramblings for 8-15-2007

Blank Screen In MS Outlook

Today I got up to a blank screen in my MS Outlook. All the emails were apparently still there but the inbox was blank for some reason. To make things more strange, some emails showed up when I hit refresh and then disappeared again. Turns out I had a corrupted inbox and had to repair it. However, my scanpst.exe and certain DLL files required to repair the inbox was missing. I had to asked Gary at BlueFur to send me copies of the file. Half an hour later, my inbox came back. It’s pretty scary to face a blank inbox in the morning!

15% Off Text Link Ads For The Remainder of August

Text Link Ads is running a promotion for the remainder of the month. If you place a link order now and enter August into the coupon code, you’ll get 15% off. Now would be a good time to pick up the last link spot on this blog. Not only will you save money but the price is locked for as long as you renew the spot.

If you are a brand new TLA customer, then you maybe better off with the $100 coupon Text Link Ads has available for new customers. It’s too bad you can’t combine the two coupons.

Don’t Have a Cow Contest

Over at JohnCow.com they must have the coolest web hosting provider in the pasture (besides BlueFur). These guys are having a “cowpetition” and are giving away a $500 prize. Here’s your chance to win a Playstation3,or an Xbox360, a Nintendo Wii, an iPhone .. you name it, they’ll pay for it.

Since the cow won something from me, I think it’s time I won something from him.

Win the Complete Blogging Package

Blogging Experiment is offering a really cool contest for all your bloggers who wants to make it big. Instead of offering the latest tech gadget like some cow I know, Ben Cook is offer up a complete blogging package as the prize. The winner will receive a three month subscription to the Blog Mastermind Mentoring program, a copy of Aaron Wall’s SEO Book and a free blog critique from Chris Garrett of chrisg.com.

There is also the possibility that Ben will throw in $100 of text links from Text Link Ads and a ReviewMe review from this blog. Check out Blogging Experiment for all the details.

The Biggest Beer Giver of The Week

Thanks to Blog Sonar for sending me $30 of beer. Vancouver is very hot this time of the year and a beer goes great with the BBQ! The concept of Blog Sonar is that the user does his own blog review, with the condition of doing a review of Blogosonar.con.

This Is Really Going To Increase Ad Prices

I got an email from Shazilla Nizam. She’s the person who purchased the flipped ad.

I’ve received 7 confirmed orders of the SGR program so far. That translates to $3,500 worth of commissions. ROI just hits the roof with this one.

Thanks John!
Looking forward to more traffic and conversions for the next 27 days.

Shaz is so happy with the outcome she’s setting up a contest within a contest for John Chow dot Com readers. She’s giving away a SGR package worth $1,995 to the winner of the $1,000 Cold Hard Cash Contest, on top of the $1,000.