Miscellaneous Ramblings – Law of Attraction Edition

Charity 0-Lifting Clinic

Stephen Fung’s girlfriend, Kelly Frankson, is hosting two Charity O-lifting Clinics next Saturday, Nov. 1. The first clinic will be from 12-3 and will break down the clean and jerk into its individual components. The second clinic will be from 3-5 and will only be open to those who have attended one of the previous clinics and will provide additional skills and drills to improve your lifts and have a video analysis component. The cost is $50 per clinic with all proceeds going towards helping reunite Kelly’s coach with his five year old daughter.

Happy Birthday Zac Johnson – Give Me a Steak

For Zac Johnson’s birthday, he shows you to make money off birthdays. Head on over there and wish Zac a happy B-Day and he’ll enter you into a draw for one of three gift packages from Omaha Steaks. I love steaks.

Anna Meets The Ice Cream Man

Designer, blogger and Mac user Anna Sabino was taking a stroll in downtown Manhattan and came face to face with the Ice Cream Man. This guy has been driving all over the United State giving away free ice cream. So far, he’s giving away over 170,000 and his goal is reach 500,000. I hope some ice cream company is sponsoring him for this.

Law of Attraction Illustrated

Paul Plotrowski of Inspired Money Maker has posted a great article that illustrate the Law of Attraction. For those who don’t understand the Law of Attraction, then you’ll want to check out Paul’s article. It’s well worth the read. I’m going to use the law to acquire the item below.

Housing Shopping In West Vancouver

I went house shopping today. I’ve been doing that a lot lately because the real estate market is crashing (like the stock market). The best time to buy is when everyone is selling. There are tons of bargains out there, especially in the higher end of the market. For example, check out this fine example in West Vancouver’s prestigious Altamont Neighborhood. Originally listed at over $10 million, it can now be yours for only $8,998,000. I’m pretty sure they’ll accept an offer of $8 million.

[flashvideo filename=http://mediafast.dayawala.com/filejet.sp/soprovich/2962_mathers.mov /]

Why You Should Follow Me On Twitter

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