More Efficient Project Management with Comindware

Don’t you wish you could have more time getting things done, rather than wasting your time in trying to organize how to get things done? Project management has become increasingly important to business of all sizes, because it means that employees and employers can get a better grasp on the things that need to get done.

Toward this end, Comindware claims that it will help you “streamline workflow process, management and issue tracking, simplify task and project management, collaborate more efficiently, and stay on top of it all with unmatched ease and efficiency.” Over the course of today’s review, we’ll take a look at some of the software’s key elements, as well as how you can make some extra money from it too.

A Project Management Utility

You get two pieces of software that work together to streamline your project management: Comindware Tracker and Comindware Task Management. These two elements are heavily integrated and work seamlessly with one another. The process management software utilizes what the company calls “ElasticData” technology, which aims to give you added flexibility and usability.

The main dashboard is shown here. While there is a local installation component, the interface is through a web browser. You’ll notice that the general layout mirrors that of Microsoft Office, making for a familiar experience for most office workers around the world. You get the same kind of “ribbon” design and similar icons along the top for your basic navigation and utility.

The far left column is for navigation, the centre column is your list view, and the right column is your detail view for the highlighted item. It is through this that you are able to manage different tasks and so on, all of which can be nested in several layers, given different due dates, and more. You can even log the time spent on each task.

New Tasks and Groups

Creating a new task with this process management software is as simple as clicking on the “new” icon in the main dashboard. The tasks can also be automatically generated using the provided ConnectStep technology.

The tasks can be “personal,” in that they are for an individual employee, but you can also use the provided templates for creating new purchase requests, marketing campaigns, job postings (hiring) and so on. The tasks can also work in tandem with the task system in Microsoft Outlook, allowing for a more seamless experience on the part of the worker.

All of the tasks can be grouped, sorted, searched through, and listed for added organization. You’ll also notice that each task has a priority level, a status update, a last modified date, a due date, and other useful information for created nested lists of what has to be done. All of this can be altered via in-line editing.

It is also possible to create different workspaces to help separate work from different departments. Through this mechanism, different permissions can be set for users and each workspace can be configured separately without interfering with other teams. There are templates for human resources, IT help desk, and office management, among others.

Make Money with the Affiliate Program

Comindware can help your business better manage its projects and processes, but what if you want to make some extra money on the side too? That’s where the partner program comes into play. The Comindware affiliate program is managed by Cleverbridge, so you can just log in and sign up if you already have an account there.

But how much does the software cost? Comindware licenses are $375 each when you buy between 10 and 24 licenses, but you get discounts with increased volume. Purchase over 100 licenses, for instances, and the price goes down to $243.75.

At the end of the day, Comindware is a useful tool for project managers and their teams, especially if you work with multiple departments and projects at the same time.