My 5-Proven Smart Tips To Increase Your Blog’s Earning Potentials

How do you increase the earning potentials of your blog?

As simple as it seems, a blog has the potential to generate staggering income. Of course, it’s not going to be easy.

You’ve to take the right steps and implement proven blog promotional techniques before you can see results.

If your blog is generating few dollars, it shows you can earn more income from the same blog. Don’t you think so?

Here are 5-proven smart tips to help increase your blog’s earning potential.

1. Stick To Your Passion

Countless success stories have been recorded by those who “love” what they do. Passion is the fuel that powers your online business.

Donald Trump is extremely successful because he’s passionate about building exotic buildings and negotiating jaw-dropping deals.

There should be a nexus between making money and loving what you doI’m yet to see any successful person who lacks passion.

Blogging is hard work to increase your earnings and grow a profitable blog, you must be passionate about it. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who make money from their blogs even when they don’t like the niche, but why take risks?

Passion helps you to sail smoothly, commanding the income and building engaged tribe.Isn’t that what you wanted?

2. Join The Fast Moving Train

When it comes to turning a profitable blog, you’ve to know that nothing is actually new.

Savvy bloggers leverage on proven marketing techniques. They’re smart and wealthy because they learn from mentors and role models.

Have you discovered the secrets of a successful blogger?

Rather than appreciating them for the hard work and in-depth research, join the moving train and begin to implement the tips.

When I started blogging, I struggled for 4 months to earn my first $100. The reason why I struggled was because I didn’t network or connect with successful people.

But I’ve learnt my lessons and today, I’m a lot better. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel by formulating your own money-making strategy.

Of course you’ve the opportunity to explore the blogosphere and gain insights and greater income opportunities, but it’s better to focus on what works now and scale it up from there.

3. Creative Tweeting Can Increase Earning Potential

I didn’t realize how powerful twitter was when I started blogging a year ago.

But twitter is the lifeblood of several businesses online.

Social media marketing has come to stay, and you need the right approach to profit with Tweets, Shares and Connections (LinkedIn).

Reading an exclusive twitter tutorial helped me to learn the pros and cons of tweeting and gaining more followers.

Twitter is a microblogging platform that connects target audience to your business. Studying your followers would help you craft the best tweet and drive real-time traffic to your blog.

That’s the only way to get instant retweets, targeted traffic and potential customers to your blog.

If you tweet blindly; when your followers are out dinning and watching Soap Opera with families, you’ve just lost a precious gem – 140 words tweet.

So, start tweeting creatively. Make sure twitter is a part of your marketing weapon. Twitter is good and only you can make it better with your tweets. Can you do that?

4. Customize Your Blog’s Theme

The difference between two blogs that has quality contents, engagement and reach is the theme. The design matters and don’t be deceived by the myth that people don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s a myth that we’ve lived with for decades – but recent studies have revealed the truths about visual marketing.

On the internet, design, color, layout, specifications, structure and what have you matters a lot. If you want people to take your blog seriously, you’ve to customize your theme today.

What do I mean?

It’s not enough to get a premium WordPress theme or charming free theme, thousands of blogs have similar themes like yours. Blogging is a crowded business model, and you need to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re not a WordPress or Web Design Designer, seek help somewhere and have a professional tweak and customize your theme for you. Look at JohnChow and ZacJohnson. These are branded themes and readers love to read and comment – you’re here now. Lol!

5. Engage Your Readers Quietly

I said quietly because it’s a gradual process – building engagement wouldn’t happen overnight. You need craft quality and valuable contents that people can connect with – it must be valuable and relevant to them.

As I said earlier, every topic you intend to write about has been addressed by some experts, somewhere. It’s the angle you write from that makes the difference and keeps people active (engaged).

As people spend more time reading, commenting and asking questions on your posts, it shows you understand your audience and have crafted a piece to solve their problems. This is what Google is after, and you’ll be rewarded with rich, targeted organic traffic consistently.

Study your audience as you would study for Final Year Exams in College. Get to know your readers and what piques their mind.

Remember, the more quality time people (readers, prospects, clients, customers and so forth) spend at your blog, the more they feel like buying from you. Engagement increases conversion rate – positive engagement, actually.

Blog Earning’s Takeaway

Where do you start from? Start by revamping your WordPress theme if that’s your CMS (content management system). I strongly believe that tweeting with the right knowledge about your audience, and when they’re logged-in can increase your blog’s traffic and influence.

Talking about engagement, there are over 50 ways to make your readers fall in love with you, click here to read it.

Michael Chibuzor is a freelance writer and founder of content marketing blog. You should visit his write for us page to contribute guest post and get backlinks. And if you’re looking for someone who can write for you, hire Michael.

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