Net Business Blog – Making A Living Online

My friend Matt Coddington paged me on AIM to let me know that he recently launched a new blog call Net Business Blog and asked me to give it a plug. I said, “Sure! Give me money!” After all, I am the root of evil. 🙂

Net Business Blog has been online for less than a month but has attracted over 30,000 visitors in the last 10 days and RSS readership is up to 200 already. That’s a pretty good start no matter how you measure it. What is Net Business Blog all about?

The goal of this blog is to provide readers with real insight into the world of online business without the fluff. A lot of business blogs now have just become little more than advertising billboards, but what I hope to do different is give you information that you can actually use to startup or enhance your online business.

Matt is no stranger to the Internet world. He has been online since he was 15 years old. The 21-year-old web designer from Clinton, South Carolina is currently attending the University of South Carolina as a History major. He hopes to never use the degree and make his living online. That’s a good thing since I don’t know what kind job you can get with a history degree, except maybe for teach history.

Net Business Blog is very cleanly laid out and easy to navigate. However, there is a formatting error when viewed with IE6 – the right sidebar is pushed down below the posts. This doesn’t happen with IE7 or Firefox.

For such a young blog, Net Business Blog has some great articles that anyone looking to make a living online should check out. The two part series on Building a Niche Minisite (part 1, part 2) details a systematic walk through to learn how to create a simple niche minisite and turn it into an easy-to-manage, passive cash flow site.

Then there is the Domaining 101 series, where Matt takes you step-by-step into the art of finding, registering and profiting from domain names. You can check out the start of that series here.

Net Business Blog is full of good articles and is updated fairly frequently. Today’s post is entitled, 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make an “I Got Dugg” Post. I wish I would have known them before I got banned (Matt did made a reference to me in the article).

Check out Matt’s new blog. I believe you’ll find it worthy of being added to your bookmarks or RSS reader (Matt offers a full feed). I think I’m going to give Matt a little hands up by buying a link on his new blog. The cost is only $10 a month and with the blog’s current traffic level, that makes it a steal. However, Matt needs to fix that IE6 problem before I buy the link.