NetAudioAds Get In Your Ear, 5 Seconds at a Time

You’ve surely heard of pay-per-click advertising. You’ve probably been exposed to ads of the pay-per-action persuasion. For the purpose of this review, we’ll be looking at something called pay-per-play advertising, a relatively novel way to make money online with NetAudioAds.

Automatic Audio Ads Pay On Every Impression

In a nutshell, that’s how the NetAudioAds system works. A visitor arrives at your website and they are automatically hit with a short five-second audio clip. It’s an incredibly short commercial, so it’s not that annoying… but I still think that it would seriously detract from the user experience.

Reading the provided FAQ, they say that these audio ads are currently running on 550,000 web pages and “complaints have been rare.” Whether you believe that claim or not is up to you.


Another venue where you may have seen a pay-per-play advertising scheme is with Google Adsense. Although most ads served up by Google are either text or image based, there are a few video ads in there too that will pay publishers based on the number of plays the video gets. In a sense, it’s a CPM (based on page impression) system. Almost the same thing can be said about NetAudioAds, except it’s audio instead of video. And the clip is only five seconds long.

Advantages Over Other Ad Networks

There are two main advantages that audio ads have over other monetization methods.

First, the audio ads take up zero screen real estate. This means that you are left with as much room as you’d like for Adsense, TTZ, or whatever other conventional ads you enjoy running on your blog or website. In some ways, Kontera might also be said to have this advantage, though the double-underlined links are a dead giveaway.

Second, visitors are not necessarily directed away from your site. With Adsense, you don’t really get paid until someone clicks on a link and leaves your site. The same is true with TTZ. Affiliate links require the person to leave your site and take some sort of action. With NetAudioAds, the visitor stays put while still getting exposed to the audio ad. It’s like a TV or radio commercial.

Payment Details

As part of the registration process — which covers three relatively short pages of basic information — you will be given the choice as to how you would like to be paid by NetAudioAds.


I’d imagine that most people would select the PayPal method, but if you live in the United States, you can dodge those PayPal fees and have the funds deposited directly into your Bank of America or Wells Fargo account. That’s assuming that you trust them with your banking information. If not, there’s also the trusty check.

Website owners get 25% of the revenue received from advertisers by NetAudioAds. I feel that this is lower than other ad networks, but the sales page tells me that it’s better. Maybe John should chime in with his experience in this regard.

Furthermore, there is a referral program that gives you a 5% lifetime commission for all revenues earned by the first two levels of referrals. You get nothing beyond the second level. The person who ordered this review has set up his own landing page, utilizing his affiliate code. When you hover over the “sign up now” link on this site, you get this link. The same is true of the “Read the Revolution” tab.

After you register for your own account, you’ll be presented with this welcome page, outlining answers to many questions you may have.


It is here that you’ll find your unique links. Feel free to set up a landing page of your own.

Sign Up For NetAudioAds?

The NetAudioAds program sounds like it could be a viable monetization method for many websites, but there are several things going on that I would like to see improved. The first is the 25% payout. I thought that 50% was the minimum standard. I’d also imagine that auto-playing audio ads could annoy visitors, even if they are not vocalizing their discontent.

More specifically to the person who ordered this review, they need to add a title to their special Voice2Page website (which is just a NetAudioAds affiliate site). As it stands now, there is no page title, which looks terribly unprofessional. I’m already not a fan of long sales letters; don’t hit me with a non-titled page too.


I should also note that NetAudioAds doesn’t officially launch until February 1st. No ads will be served by the embedded code until this date. A major search engine partner will also be announced before February 1st, hopefully bolstering the legitimacy of NetAudioAds.

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