NetMoneyFAQ Create Me A Google Ad Competition

Ben Hoffman of NetMoneyFAQ wanted to me to give you the heads up on his first blog competition.

Unlike other blog owners who just email me about their contests and ask, “Can you please tell your readers?” Ben ordered a ReviewMe review to do it. That is definitely one way to get my attention about a blog contest. Not only am I going to plug his contest, I’m going to give Ben’s blog a full review.

Create Me A Google Ad Competition

The competition at NetMoneyFAQ is really unique and I have to admit, I like it a lot. It’s the kind of evil blog contest you expect me to come up with it. All you need to do is create a Google style ad and put it on your site’s front page. The blog or website that refers NetMoneyFAQ the largest number of unique visitors will win $300US. The Google style ad that you create should be text only and use the following format:

Title: Max 25 Characters linked to
1st line: Max 35 Characters
2nd line: Max 35 characters
Last line: link to with the anchor text Internet Marketing

Here is an example of what is required:

How Pro Bloggers Get Rich
They get rich by reading
John Chow dot Com
Internet Marketing

The Ad needs to be on your site from when you enter until Sunday April 29. The winner will be the site that refers the largest number of unique visitors between Midnight (+10 GMT/Sydney time) Sunday April 15 to Midnight (+10 GMT/Sydney time) Sunday April 29.

To give everyone a fair chance, I’ve decided to exclude myself from this contest. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about competing against me for sending the most traffic. 🙂

Recommendations To Improve NetMoneyFAQ

NetMoneyFAQ is a brand new blog (started March 23) with grand total of nine posts. The concept behind it is to show web publishers and bloggers how they can make money on the Internet. NetMoneyFAQ stated goal is to shows what types of internet marketing works and does not work. Weekly performance, including page stats and earnings, are published and analyzed against what has been done to promote the blog.

The performance of the blog so far has been terrible. The main reason for the poor performance is a lack of updates. Since opening, the blog has done 0.6 posts per day. Ben will need to step up the posting frequency if he wishes to capitalize on this review and the ad competition. What Ben has posted so has been quality stuff. Ben has done a very good job analyzing his weekly performance and have made some very good posts on generating buzz and improving site traffic and search engine ranking.

Ben has not been shy about monetizing his blog. There are a bunch of affiliate ads, Google ads and Konetera ContentLink ads. However, the ads need optimization. Ben needs to follow my Kontera tweaking guide to prevent the highlighting of his blog’s tag line.

NetMoneyFAQ runs one Google 120×600 per page. However, the location is less than idea. I recommend embedding a 300×250 ad in the post itself. This should more than triple his current click rate. In addition, I recommend Ben dump the 468 affiliate banners under each posts. Affiliate marketing is all about the presell. You can make a lot more money by doing a blog post about an affiliate deal than by running a bunch of banners on every post.

The last bit of advice I have for Ben is to make an about page. Right now, readers going to NetMoneyFAQ do not know who Ben is. A good about page will help build trust and enhance your brand.

I look forward to more updates from NetMoneyFAQ and to seeing who wins the ad competition.