Neverblue Ads: An Affiliate Marketing Marketplace

John has always emphasized that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, and this is especially true when it comes to monetizing your website or blog. Too many people rely solely on Adsense, but as you may already know, one of the fastest emerging ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing.

You can hunt down some of these deals yourself, but why do the legwork when NeverblueAds is around to do it for you? This has the potential of being a real moneymaker! Oh, and if you’re wondering about that link, it’s an affiliate one too. The person who ordered up this ReviewMe may be just as evil as John! 😈

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

With so many different affiliate deals out there to consider, it can be pretty hard to decide which deal would perform the best on your website. It can also be difficult to find those elusive diamonds in the rough, so to speak, that pay the big bucks for each referral. NeverblueAds makes this a heck of a lot easier, because they act as an intermediary between the affiliate (that’s you) and the advertiser.

After you sign up for an account, you gain access to a marketplace filled with literally hundreds of different affiliate deals, spanning just about every topic area imaginable. They’ve got automotive affiliate campaigns, debt relief, education, beauty, technology, entertainment, business opportunities, and more.


Under each category is a list of the different affiliate campaigns that are available. For each of these, you’re shown how much it pays, as well as an indication of network earnings. Those little green squares are probably the most useful, because they highlight the affiliate marketing opportunities that have been the most lucrative.

Find the Affiliate Marketing Deal That Works For You

For each individual affiliate marketing campaign, you’re told what kinds of promotions are allowed (web, email, search, and/or downloadable software), what’s needed for a conversion, and what countries are allowed. (Many deals are for the United States only, so if you’re not American, make sure you check that section.) Navigating through the tabs, you can grab the “creatives” for a variety of banners, email messages, paid search, and so forth. Yes, even those annoying flashing banners.

Another feature that makes all this affiliate marketing so easy is that you don’t need to sign up with each of the affiliate advertisers individually. You just sign up once with NeverblueAds and offer the deals through them.


To further streamline the process, there are also quicklinks within the affiliate dashboard (which is a little clunky to navigate) that will direct you to the ten newest campaigns, the top ten web promotions campaigns, etc. Naturally, you get all sorts of reports, stats, and tools at your disposal too.

How Do I Sign Up?

The initial sign-up process is pretty much like every other ad network. You input your pertinent personal information — name, address, phone number — as well as information about your website. This is where you also tell them what kinds of deals interest you the most, and whether you’ll be doing the affiliating primarily through web publishing (banners), through email (newsletters), or whatever.

And then, you wait to be approved.

There don’t appear to be any explicit criteria, but before I got my account approved, I got a phone call from a NeverblueAds representative (they’re based in Victoria, BC, Canada) confirming my information, how long my site has been live, and what affiliate marketing I have tried in the past. After logging into my account, I noticed that I was assigned a specific “affiliate manager”, complete with cell number, direct line, email address, and fax number. My own personal contact at NeverblueAds… this is a very nice touch that is usually only reserved for dot com moguls like John.

I plan on giving NeverblueAds a whirl on my own blog and seeing how it compares to some of the other more conventional ad networks. Seems like a potentially good way to make money online.