New Reports from Link Assistant and SEO PowerSuite

An economist needs to have the numbers in front of him if he wants to make any sort of real analysis, just as a scientist cannot come to any sort of real conclusion without having the right data. The exact same thing can be said about search engine optimization and you want this information displayed in a sensical and easy to understand matter.

That’s why you might want to take a second look at SEO PowerSuite from the folks at Link Assistant. This is a comprehensive suite of SEO software that arms you with all kinds of information that’ll help propel your website to the top of the Google rankings for your target search terms.

Haven’t We Seen This Before?

Probably. You might remember the review I wrote last year about the WebSite Auditor tool. The SEO PowerSuite contains that tool, as well as three other primary tools that are designed to assist you in your SEO-related ventures.

One of the biggest advancements since the time of that original review is that they have now developed some brand new search engine optimization reports. These reports contain a whole slew of useful data that you can track over time, guiding you as you make tweaks and ensure that your website is optimized as it can be for search engine ranking.

The Tools Are Still There

Shown below is a screenshot from the Website Auditor utility as part of the SEO PowerSuite.

I quickly used it to audit some characteristics of the website for my freelance writing business. It’s a relatively simple site with only a few pages, but you can see how it shows me the PageRank of each page, the HTTP status, the content type, and so on. There are additional columns to the right that are not shown in the screenshot.

In addition to the WebSite Auditor, you’ll notice that SEO PowerSuite also contains Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, and Link Assistant. These can all be purchased individually or you can buy them as a comprehensive package. That’s probably the better route to take if you want a comprehensive approach to your SEO efforts.

The Sample Keyword Report

To give you a better sense of what you can expect from SEO PowerSuite and its various tools, they’ve put together a small collection of sample reports. For instance, here is a portion of the report for keyword rankings.

Portions of the report are displayed visually in the form of graphs, including bar graphs and line graphs. These would depict your current visibility in search engines, for example. There are also tables of information, like the search engine ranking details shown above. For this hypothetical sample site, you can very quickly see how it ranks for the various target keywords across three major search engines.

This is a very quick and efficient way to track your progress across multiple keywords, saving you a lot of time and helping you gauge your progress. There is another section that gives you a search engine ranking overview, showing how many listings you have in the top spot for a keyword, in the top three spots, top 10 spots, and top 50 spots, as well as how many have moved up or down.

The Sample Traffic Report

Similarly, the sample report for traffic and website visitors is equally appealing from a visual sense, as well as from the perspective of providing you with the most important information. In many ways, I almost get the sense that the developers, at least in part, were inspired by Google Analytics.

As before, you get a series of line graphs, pie graphs, and data tables that provide you with the information that you want. These include traffic summaries for keywords and pages, your keyword bounce rates, and the keywords that are bringing you the most visitors. This can help you narrow down your target audience and focus on building upon your strengths.

These reports are very pleasing to the eye, very easy to follow, and very informative.

How Much Does It Cost?

The comprehensive SEO PowerSuite family of tools is the best value with the Professional version selling for $249. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the $599 Enterprise license that is catering more toward professional SEOs and SEO companies. You get four very robust SEO tools and a plethora of informative reports. If you’re not satisfied, you can return it within the first 30 days for a full refund.