News From The Top Commentators

Today I took a cruise around the blogs of the Top Commentators to see what new posts they had up. Being a Top Commentator on this blog offers many perks. The first is you get your name listed under Top Commentators with a link to your blog. Unlike links in the comments, the links under the Top Commentators is a full link without a nofollow tag. That means Google loves you.

The second perk for being a Top Commentator is you’ll get a nice set of pens at the end of this month. The third perk happens right now – you get one of your recent blog posts featured in this blog post. Here they are.

I was always told you need to reward your top contributors because they’re the driving force behind your success. Without the Top Commentators, this blog wouldn’t be a lively as it is now. Yes, the Top Commentators are mostly there for the free backlink, but these additional unexpected perks help create tremendous loyalty.

You can chalk this up to another lesson in under promise, over deliver.