News Odds And Ends

Intel Core 2 Quad Processor

Last night was the end of the NDA for the Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield Review. Over a dozen sites posted their reviews on Intel’s newest super processors. My friend Carl was the only site to get the review to the front page of Digg. He was in a race with dozens of sites the front page and he beat them all. Good work Carl!

Free Advertising At BerryBusyBlog

BerryBusyBlog is offer free text links on his blog this month. This is not a link exchange and there are no strings attached. Every website is eligible except (porno, grotesque, spam, non-English, or hate sites).

Poster Madness Contest

Saw 3 The Prestige

My buddy at First Showing holding a contest to give away two really nice movie posters. Well, that Saw one is pretty ugly and I wouldn’t want it in my house. To Enter: Drop them an e-mail at with the name of the poster you want (you can only choose one or the other) and tell them how many times you’ve seen the movie and what makes the poster such a great poster. Full rule here.

HIS IceQ3 Radeon X1950 Pro

Billy over at The TechZone has posted his review of the new HIS IceQ3 Radeon X1950 Pro video card. Besides the very long name, the ATI based card has a cooler that is bigger than the card itself! Good thing it’s very quiet. You can read the full review here. Currently the article has received 32 Diggs. If you like it, then consider Digging it.

Blog Contest

I am looking at giving away some of the computer hardware I have accumulated over the past few months. I have tons of stuff and more coming in everyday. However, I don’t know what format to hold the contest in. I’m open to ideas. Your input would be helpful.