Niche Mania Internet Marketing Software Suite for Windows

Are you getting frustrated and confused with how to make money online? There are so many Internet marketing tools out there for so many different purposes, but they can feel disjointed when you use them together. That’s why it’s oftentimes better if you can find a great unified software suite that can handle several of these tasks.

Do you want to discover new niches, do you keyword research and produce site content all in one place? If that’s the case, then you might be interested in Niche Mania. You get “the best features of multiple essential niche marketing tools [in] one seamless, streamlined process that saves time, money, and mental anguish.” Let’s dive into the review and see what Niche Mania has to offer.

Comprehensive Niche Marketing Software

One of the first things that you’ll notice about Niche Mania is that it is not only Windows software, but it has already been designed with the “Metro” interface of Windows 8. That’s mostly for the home screen, but Windows 8-looking elements do filter into the rest of the program too.

The main features of Niche Mania can be broken down into three categories: niche research, content development and WordPress tools. These all work together so that you can create high-ranking, keyword-rich websites that are able to generate a steady flow of income. When you consider that there are other similar programs that are selling for much more money, you’ll quickly see how Niche Mania represents a pretty tremendous value.

If you take a look at this thread on Warrior Forum, then you’ll see that your fellow Internet marketers agree. This is a comprehensive suite of niche marketing tools that is just as powerful as competing software that sells for a lot more.

It Starts with Keyword Research

The first part of the process has to do with keyword research, which is also listed as “niche research” in the software. This is one of the most important components of Niche Mania, because you should really start with the keyword tool before you go ahead and populate a site that has far less potential to be profitable.

The niche research section is further broken down into three sub-sections. The first is keyword research. You can put in your target keyword and then the tool will look up similar related keywords, giving you stats about the competition, global searches, and CPC where available. You can tab through to see long tail keywords and even spy on the competition to see what similar keywords they are using.

The competition analysis lets you look at the top-ranking sites for the keyword, spying on their Alexa rankings, domain age, number of backlinks, EDU backlinks and so forth. And then finally, you can use the domain finder to seek out a suitable domain, clicking on the “buy” buttons to purchase the domains from NameCheap.

Finding, Managing and Spinning Content

Of course, just having the right keywords isn’t enough. You need to go beyond keyword research and actually fill your site with suitable content.

Niche Mania has what it calls the “Content Ideas” section. Here, you can search through their private directory of PLR articles based on the keywords of your choosing. These PLR articles are free for you to use as you see fit. You can then save those articles to your conent library for later publishing and editing. There is also a tool to search for web content through sources like Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers, HubPages, and so on.

For all of these, after you’ve saved some content to your content library, you gain access to the integrated spinner utility. You simply highlight the word(s) you want to spin and it will bring up suggestions that can then be inserted using the standard spinner syntax. It’s up to you how much article spinning you want to do and, of course, you can make whatever other edits you’d like too.

To make things easier, you can even connect your WordPress blog directly to Niche Mania, allowing you to publish the content directly from Niche Mania itself. This includes support for multiple blogs.

Still Less Than $20 to Buy, But For How Long?

You’ll find that competing software sells for in the neighborhood of $150 or more. That’s not the case with Niche Mania. They’re using the Digibilly system, so the price goes up with every five sales. At the time of this writing, Niche Mania is selling for just $15.10. That’s a one-time cost and there is no monthly subscription. If you sign up for the affiliate program, you can earn 50% of every sale you refer too. Buy it, refer two sales, and you’re ahead of the game!