Offering Free Tools From Your Blog to Get Crazy Traffic

Note: This post was guest blogged by me, Mitchell Harper of I’m filling in with a few posts while John’s out and about on his well deserved Canadian holiday ;)

We offer free website templates from our site and it drives a ridiculous amount of traffic to our site every day. We rank on the front page of Google for every single search term relating to free website templates, and the flow-on effect is that 1 out of every few dozen people who arrive at our site to download free templates will eventually buy one of our products.

Have you thought about offering something of value absolutely free, no-strings-attached from your blog or website to attract a massive amount of traffic? Depending on what you blog about you could offer free software or even a repository of a few dozen links that will take your visitors to free resources relating to the topics you blog about.

There are so many benefits to offering free tools from your blog, but the most important one is credibility. When you give something away and expect nothing in return people ask themselves something like this:

“This site just gave me something for free and didn’t ask for anything back. What gives?”

It’s a persons natural instinct then to navigate around your site or blog and see what you do and why you’re offering the free tools. Sure, a lot of people will take your freebies then leave but you’ll also get some people reading more about your products/services, bookmarking your site and coming back at a later time to buy something you sell. You’ll get A LOT more people if you offer a free newsletter and ask them to subscribe to it from your freebies page too.

Besides starting a blog, the fastest way to get traffic for $0 is to give away something of perceived value for absolutely nothing at all. Word spreads quickly because very few people do it.

Can you offer a free tool from your website to boost your traffic?