One-Click Keyword Editing with Jumbo Keyword

We all know about the importance of keywords to Internet marketers. It can be a very time-consuming process to go through all that research and testing, trial and error. It can be a lot of work, so any help in the right direction can be very much appreciated.

While Jumbo Keyword won’t be able to provide you with lists of highly profitable keywords, it will be able to streamline the process of generating your AdWord campaigns. Over the course of this review, you’ll learn some of the cool benefits that you can gain from using this online tool.

What Is Jumbo Keyword?

If Jumbo Keyword isn’t there to generate keyword suggestions or provide you with important statistical data, what exactly does it do? Checking out the About Page, we learn that Jumbo Keyword is a web-based software application that can help you create, manage and edit thousands of AdWords keywords quickly and easily.


There are over 70 of these text editing functions available through Jumbo Keyword. When you submit your list of keywords to Google for an advertising campaign, they have to take on a certain format. If you want to target an exact phrase, you need to format your list accordingly. This is similar to using Boolean-style queries in many search engines.

This keyword management tool is completely web-based, so you won’t have to install or save any data on your home computer. It’s all hosted by Jumbo Keyword.

Utilizing the Tool with One-Click Actions

Hitting the Editor Tab on the Jumbo Keyword website brings up the main keyword editing tool. Along the left side of the screen is a list of one-click actions that you can use. These are broken down into three tabs: basic, advanced, and ad-maker.


With basic, you can format your keywords (entered in the text section on the right) to become exact matches, phrases, negative matches, and so on. For example, if I put freelance writer in the text field and hit the first button, I would get three rows of keywords with freelance writer, “freelance writer“, and [freelance writer]. The advanced tab has, well, more advanced actions that you can take.

Generating AdWords Advertisements


The third tab under “Editor” is the ad-maker. This tool can be used to generate your specific AdWords advertisements, providing fields to enter your headline, description lines, display URL, and destination URL. This is all quite straightforward and easy to use.

Privacy and Confidentiality Come First

Since keywords really provide for the livelihood of so many Internet marketers, it is understandable that these seem marketers guard their keywords with their lives. They want to keep these keywords secret, because they don’t want other marketers to dig into their competitive edge.

Since Jumbo Keyword is completely online, some users may be concerned about the relative privacy and confidentiality of their data. While there is no real guarantee, Jumbo Keyword creator Michael Wong says that any data entered into the web app is immediately processed and displayed. “The web app does not keep a copy of the data or results, nor do I secretly spy on you.”

How Much Does Jumbo Cost?

While it may not seem like too complex of a web application, Jumbo Keyword could probably demand some kind of fee. However, that’s not how this works. Instead, full access to the online web tool is 100% free. You do not need to sign up for an account, provide an email address, or anything else. Just hop on the site and use it.


So, how does Jumbo Keyword make money then? It is ad-supported. There is a page with a list of affiliate products and text-based ads for these products scroll across the top of the page when you are using the Editor tool. They’re unobtrusive thus far and Michael Wong promises that he won’t “go mad” with ads.

If you’re only dealing with a small handful of keywords, I don’t think that Jumbo Keyword is going to save you very much time when it comes to processing your ad campaigns. However, if you’re dealing with hundreds or even thousands of keywords at a time, a one-click macro to format them to your specifications can save you from the monotony of manual editing.