One Theme Expands with One Panel Interface


It seems that Lee Cooper really enjoys the reviews that I do on John Chow dot Com, because this isn’t the first time that he has ordered a review here.

It was almost one year ago that we were first introduced to One Theme. A few months later, we took a look at some of the new features that were added. Well, as you may be able to guess, One Theme is back with more upgrades. Again.

More Than One Theme from One Theme

If this is your first time reading about One Theme from Lee Cooper, then I suggest that you take a look at my two earlier reviews (linked above), since I’m only going to cover the new stuff this time around.

Whereas One Theme used to consist of only one theme (but three “layouts”), it has since expanded to four themes: Default, Fun (shown below), Modern, and Professional.


The four themes from One Theme share a lot of similarities, but each has been designed for a slightly different purpose. One Theme Professional, for instance, may be better suited to an online news magazine. They all come with the same kinds of features and the exact same price point.

One Panel Operates Inside the Dashboard

The single greatest change to come to One Theme since the last time we discussed it is the introduction of One Panel. This is “the revolutionary plugin that manages all the premium themes at One Theme.”


One Panel operates from within the default WordPress dashboard, so you don’t lose any of your existing control panel features or configurations. Instead, One Panel is meant to expand on this existing functionality, making it easier for you to manage the various One Theme features. You access One Panel through the button in the WP Dashboard sidebar.

Using One Panel, you gain access to a thumbnail generator, ad manager, localization tool, image uploads, post gravatars, and more. The thumbnail generator is quite useful, because it will automatically crop your image to the right size and place it on your blog’s front page. This is absolutely crucial to a magazine-style layout like that offered by One Theme.

You can also use One Panel to deal with things like FeedBurner, backup files, post footers, featured videos, and so on. The interface is quite visual, so you should have no trouble clicking your way through the various functions. Nine recently used functions are highlighted on the main page of One Theme, giving you one-click access.

Feature Walkthrough Video

There’s just so much going on with One Theme, so Lee Cooper has put together a fairly comprehensive walkthrough video that not only outlines the theme’s features, but also the features of One Panel. The video is a little long at about 22 minutes, but it covers just about everything.

Buy Once, Free Upgrades for Life

As before, as always, you only have to pay for One Theme once and you will be offered free upgrades for however long Lee Cooper and his team continue to produce updates for One Theme. This comes with a small caveat. You need to have a unique and valid license and it seems that you need to purchase each of the themes separately. Buying One Theme Default does not give you One Theme Fun for free.

Each of the themes sells for $39.00 and there are a variety of license options. A single license for a single installation is $60. The respective prices for two, three, four, and five licenses are $110, $160, $210, and $260.