One Theme Gets Updated with More Features

“Hold it a minute there, Michael. Didn’t you already write a review on this WordPress premium theme already?”

As a matter of fact, yes I did write that review, so you are not experiencing some strange case of deja vu. As it turns out, a second review of One Theme has been ordered, because the developers want to revitalize interest in their creation and they’d like to draw some attention toward the new features.

Oh, and before we proceed, I should probably note that the developers don’t refer to One Theme simply as a WordPress theme; it’s a total site enhancement solution. They call it an “all in one package that turns WordPress into the management tool you wish it was.” Bold words, my friends. Bold words.

An Energetic Overview of the Features

In case you missed the first review, One Theme is essentially a powerful premium WordPress theme that not only dresses up the appearance of your blog or website, but it also offers a number of enhancements on the user interface front. The WordPress dashboard gets jazzed up with more user-friendly fields for AdSense integration, Analytics stat tracking, FeedBurner integration, the ability to quickly upload new header images, and so on.

While you could certainly take a gander at the features page to get a full list of what you can expect from One Theme, it’s probably a lot easier (and a little more entertaining) to watch the video embedded here. I’m not entirely positive if the video was there the last time I’m looked, but it’s on the One Theme website now.

That makes this WordPress theme WordPress enhancement package sound awfully exciting, doesn’t it? I particularly like the side-by-side sections where you can see the direct effect of the adjustments you can make in the control panel.

What’s New with One Theme?

There have been two revisions to One Theme since I wrote that initial review. It is now in version 1.1. For those of you who purchased one of the first two versions, you can take solace in the fact that the One Theme people offer free upgrades for life. No matter when you buy One Theme, you have the opportunity to freely grab revised editions as they become available.

Here are the newest features added to One Theme:

Options to exclude author information, limit the length of titles shown on the front page, and integrate 125 x 125 ad banners are quite notable. The addition of SEO-friendly search result URLs (here’s an example) is also very good, because typical search result pages come with some rather messy URLs. If you have SEO-friendly URLs for your blog posts, you should have the same for your search result pages as well.

It’s not quite as exciting, but the inclusion of a contact form template was a great move as well. There are free plug-ins that effectively do the same thing, but One Theme is supposed to be a comprehensive package. Contact forms should be included on all blogs.

Three Layout Styles

In my initial review of One Theme, I said that it was best suited for blogs that were updated multiple times each day. This is because the front page is shown in a “digest” or “featured” fashion, and without a good amount of fresh content every day, the site can look pretty stagnant. Well, it turns out that there are at least three different styles for the front page. The default layout we’ve seen before and the news layout is pretty similar.

The layout that is perhaps more appropriate for most blogs, ones that aren’t updated quite as often, is the appropriately named blog layout. This is much simpler and eschews the “featured” sections of the news layout and default layout. It’s not as exciting, but it’s more functional for blogs that aren’t updated multiple times a day.

Affiliate Program Still in Place

Yes, the One Theme affiliate program has remained largely unchanged since the first review. You still get 25% of every referred sale and the affiliate program is still being handled by E-Junkie. If you want to buy One Theme, the pricing has also remained unchanged. A single installation — “Webmaster” — goes for $99. You can also opt for the $199 Webmaster Pro or $299 Web Developer packages for three and five installations, respectively.