Opera Does Better – Browser Behavior Study

Internet browsers have evolved greatly since the early 1990’s; we’re no longer limited to merely Netscape Navigator. These days internet users have plenty of browser options. You might like Chrome for its speed, Safari for its ease of use and Firefox for its customization options. But have you ever thought which one is the best for advertising? Don’t worry, we have.

In its effort to supply the online world with valuable information, Infolinks conducted a study of click trends based on browser behavior. During July 2010, Infolinks monitored advertising Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM) from a sample of 40M impressions from 30K publishers in their network to determine which browsers out clicked the others and Opera clearly came out ahead.

The CTR of Opera is approximately 50% higher than Chrome and Safari, 40% higher than FireFox, and it’s 35% higher than Explorer.

The Opera eCPM is 35% higher than Firefox and Chrome, and it’s around 10% higher than Safari and Explorer.

So it’s a fact, user behavior varies greatly depending on browser. Although you might like one browser over another for its surfing capabilities, when it comes to advertising, Opera is the big winner. Make sure to target its users in your next campaign.

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