Organize the Web with IngBoo

Organize the Web with IngBoo

Do you suffer from information overload? Are you overwhelmed by all the different websites that you try to visit each day? The advent of RSS feeds was certainly helpful, but it wasn’t enough to handle your search for used merchandise, your hunt for jobs, and your insatiable appetite for Twitter trends.

While you certainly have many options when it comes to choosing a good web portal, you might learn over the course of this review that you’d prefer to use IngBoo as your starting point each day. By its own description, IngBoo is designed to free you from clutter and deliver only the information that you want.

Using IngBoo as an Internet Launchpad

In a nutshell, IngBoo works as an “easy-to-use Internet retrieval utility.” Think of it as your own custom homepage, loaded up with all the content that you need.

This Internet launchpad can handle all sorts of syndicated and personalized content. You can leave a keyword search on, for example, and it will constantly update itself with any new jobs that match that keyword. The same can be said for news reports, sports scores, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, LinkedIn updates, and more.

The IngBoo homepage is comprised of as many IngBoo lists as you would like. Each of these lists will display its three most recent items. These snippets are ordered based on priority and “freshness” of information. You can add things like CNN news updates, Perez Hilton celebrity gossip reports, and so on.

How to Add IngBoo Lists

The IngBoo lists can be added one of two ways. Near the bottom page are a series of preset tabs and options from their library. These are broken down into different categories, like business and jobs, and then you can provide any additional information as needed. For example, if you choose to add the Amazon Deals widget, then you can provide a keyword for the product search. The Craigslist search seems to only work for US-based locations, however.

Organize the Web with IngBoo

Alternatively, you can use the search tool near the top of the IngBoo homepage to enter your own custom keyword or RSS feed. For example, you might choose to add the Beyond the Rhetoric RSS feed to your IngBoo portal.

At first glance, it may look like you are only getting a series of headlines that are linked back to the source material. However, when you hover your mouse pointer over any of these items, the original content appears for your reading pleasure. You can see it in action here with one of my blog posts.

Organize the Web with IngBoo

After you sign up for an account with IngBoo, you can also sign up to receive email updates and updates to your smartphone. You can choose the frequency of these “digests” and at what time during the day that you receive them.

Extending Value to Publishers Too

This all sounds like it could be useful for web surfers, but what about web publishers? IngBoo has tried to approach this with the IngBoo button. This works in a similar way as an RSS button or an email subscription, except users are sent directly to IngBoo to add your list to their IngBoo homepage.

While most readers of John Chow dot Com are pretty familiar with RSS, many web users are not. The IngBoo integration can help publishers reach new audiences and increase the potential for revisits.

Get an IngBoo Account for Free

The Internet can bombard you with a seemingly unfathomable amount of information, so it’s important that you find a way to organize this information to best suit your needs. This can be for news, weather, job searches, buying decisions, and more.

IngBoo seems to provide a clutter-reducing experience that streamlines this experience, displaying you only relevant and recent items. I would have liked to see a multi-column option and the ability to move the IngBoo lists as I saw fit, but this still seems like a worthwhile web portal. The email digests are particularly useful.

Oh and the best part? IngBoo is free.