Over $30,000 Before 9AM – Another Day In The Life of John Chow

A few weeks ago, I did a driving video call A Day In The Life of John Chow. The video was well received. However, it was just me talking about my day. I didn’t really show it.

For Another Day In The Life of John Chow, I decided to film it as it happened. The day started with me taking Sally to school. Then I braved rush-hour traffic to go to a morning meetup in Costa Mesa. Then it was back to Sally’s school to cheer her on in a jog-a-thon.

As you no doubt guessed by the title of this post, while I was out living the Dot Com Lifestyle, just one of the systems I have in place made me over $30,000. And all before 9AM!

Explaining how these systems work, and how to create them would require a book. Fortunately, I’ve written one. The Ultimate Online Profit Model details the exact business systems that I use to making money online, and live the Dot Com Lifestyle. If the idea of having time, money, and location freedom appeals to you, then you need to download your free copy of the Ultimate Online Profit Model now.

[youtube id=”FvCCN8XCJP8″ mode=”normal”]

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