Pay Only for Real Traffic with Udimi Filter Clicks

It goes without saying that traffic is at the heart of any successful online business. If you have a blog like this, you want readers to see your content. If you have an e-commerce store, you want online customers to buy your wares. And if you’re into Internet or affiliate marketing, you need those visitors to see your offers and to convert. The thing is that not all traffic is made alike; you want quality traffic.

And this becomes even more important when you are paying for the traffic through any number of networks or channels? It doesn’t make sense for you to pay for “clicks” that are initiated by spiders and bots, because those aren’t real people and they aren’t “real” traffic. Ensuring that you don’t pay for useless traffic is a simple service called Filter Clicks. The click fraud protection utility serves as the subject of today’s review. Let’s get down to it.

Beyond Click Tracking

The fundamental principle behind Filter Clicks is straightforward enough: it filters clicks. Before a potential visitor is sent to your landing page, sales page or website, he or she is sent through the Filter Clicks algorithm to determine whether or not the visit represents a legitimate visit from a real person.


There are multiple facets to the filter. For instance, Filter Clicks will filter out traffic generated by search engine spiders, because that definitely falls under the “junk” traffic category. The filter will also take care of fake clicks, harvester bots, non-email traffic, and traffic that comes from anonymous proxies. This five-minute video further explains how Filter Clicks by Udimi protects you against click fraud.

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By pushing your paid traffic through the Filter Clicks filter, you ensure that you don’t get dinged by the ad networks for this “useless” or “junk” traffic. The same can be said about ad banners, solo ads, and so on. Yes, this means that you’ll see lower overall traffic numbers, but you can know that your new numbers represent real visitors.

It Couldn’t Be Simpler

Registering with Filter Clicks is both free and instantaneous. Right from the homepage, you’ll see the sign-up form at the top. All you need to provide is your name, e-mail address and preferred password. You don’t even need to verify your e-mail address to get started.


Once you’re all signed up, you gain instant access to the dashboard that you see above. You won’t find a complicated navigation tree or a complex set of tables and graphs. Insteasd, there’s basically one main button: new link. Clicking on that opens a window where you enter a name for you link and the target URL.

This will then generate a short URL through the Filter Clicks system with the domain For instance, I created a link for my book Beyond the Margins and it shrunk it down to While you could use the generated link directly, as is the case with most Internet marketing, it’s probably better if you create your own masked URL instead. In any case, as soon as the link is added, the tracking and filtering will commence. It really is instant.


For each link that you add, you can see the number of clicks it has received and the number of clicks that were filtered in real time. Remember that, from the end user’s perspective, a “filtered” click still sends the visitor to your target URL; it just doesn’t really “count.” From there, you can investigate further by viewing a world map of clicks, as well as the raw click log.

How Much Does It Cost?

The good news is, as mentioned, that registering and getting started with Filter Clicks is completely free. You can give the engine a real test drive to get a sense of how well it works. However, this is limited only to your first 500 clicks, including the filtered ones.

After that, Udimi offers two subscription plans for Filter Clicks. You can pay a monthly fee of $7 or you can pay an annual fee of $69.95; the latter is equivalent to getting two months free. You can further recoup some of those costs through the FilterClicks affiliate program, which pays a 30% recurring commission.

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