Paying To Cook My Own Dinner

Tonight I went to a “Hot Pot” restaurant. For those who don’t know, a hot pot is a place where you pay to cook your own food – the restaurant doesn’t cook for you. They just provide the raw food and a hot pot. At the center of the table is a stove where the pot is placed. You have a choice of various soup base to use. Once the soup is at the boiling point, you add the raw stuff – veggie, meat, fish, etc. And then comes the fun part; trying to decide if the food in the pot is cooked enough to eat.

Hot Pot

This is not my first time at a hot pot. I have tried it twice before over 10 years ago and my memories of it weren’t very good. When I go to a restaurant I expect to just eat, not cook. If I wanted to cook, I can stay home and do that for free! However, this hot pot restaurant in Burnaby wasn’t half bad. As far as hot pot goes, I have to say Top Gun Hot Pot is definitely top gun.

Would I go again? Well, considering the bill came to over $113.00 for 4.5 people (we had a kid with us) I would say it maybe another 10+ years before I try hot pot again.