Pitching Myself on Blog Gears

Blog Gears is a new site that allows bloggers to gain more exposure using videos. The site is 100% free, and works on the premise of a blogger pitching their blog to an audience. The blogger has to create a video up to 90 seconds long of themselves talking about their blog. This allows Blog Gears readers to find new and exciting blogs, and also to get to know the faces behind the blogs as well.

The site is only a few days old but already have pitches from some well known bloggers. I like the idea of Blog Gears. I think it will do very well. All bloggers, especially new ones, are looking for free ways to promote their blog and if Blog Gears catches on, it should give you some nice exposure. If the site gets really big, I’m sure they’ll start charging to have videos listed. This is my Blog Gears video. Please tell me what you think.