Please Welcome Our New Button Sponsors

I like to take this time to welcome our newest button sponsors. These guys help pay the bills around here (not that we have too many) so I like to acknowledge their contribution to the success of this blog.

Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur is an award winning small business website for entrepreneurs and small businesses and is comprised of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who are truly passionate about economic development and enjoy promoting the formation and success of innovative and growth-oriented companies. Registration at is completely free and takes only a few seconds.

One Buck Wiki

One buck wiki

Why pay $100 for a paid Wiki page when you can get it for a buck? Well, you can’t get it for a buck anymore because that only applied to the first 1000 pages. However, a new pages cost only $10.

Once you own a Page, you control the content of the Page and own it permanently for the “lifetime” of this site guaranteed for at least 15 years. You can re-sell the page later on when the value goes up.

DeWitt’s Media

DeWitt Media

DeWitt’s Media offers contextual links for advertisers and allows bloggers to earn money by offering links on their blogs. There is no cost to sign up and publishers can reject any links they don’t like.

From checking out DeWitt’s site, they really need to make a better sales page. The one they’re using right now is a lacking in my opinion. Maybe you can help them improve it by offering your recommendations in the comments.