Plugging Into PlugLeap, The Free Traffic Exchange Program

PlugLeap is a free traffic exchange service that helps you site or blog generate more targeted traffic. It does this by running a widget on your site that shows articles that are related to your niche. In exchange, you articles are then shown on other sites in the PlugLeap network.

There are tons of traffic exchange programs on the Internet. What exactly makes PlugLeap different and better than the others? Here are a couple of the strong points of the PlugLeap system:

  • 150% Return Ratio (This means you will receive over 150% of the traffic you send back in the form of highly targetted new visitors)
  • Live Support
  • Detailed Stats (Including the feature to see what sites are sending you traffic)
  • Ability To Block Sites
  • Highly editable widget
  • Support Ticket System
  • RSS Plug Grabber (You enter your RSS feed and the system will create plugs for you automatically, or you can create them manually!)

First and foremost is the Live Support. If you have any difficulties you can use the Live Support feature to contact PlugLeap and get help immediately. As far as I know, PlugLead is the only traffic exchange program to offer live support.

Adding a Plug

A plug is basically a small thumbnail image with a description below that leads to a page on your website. It’s like an ad and as such it’s affected greatly by how appealing it is. The better the image and description, the higher the click through ratio and the more traffic you’ll get.

Adding a plug is simple enough. Just enter the URL of the page on your website, a good title and description, select the categories that the page corresponds to, then add the thumbnail manually from your computer or a link.

Adding The PlugLeap Widget

A widget is a frame you place on your blog that has plugs in it. This is how you trade traffic with other websites. When you sign up to PlugLeap, you add your website and choose what category your website falls under. The reason for this, is so that when you do create your widgets, relative plugs similar to your site are shown. This way, if you run a celebrity website, widgets with cars won’t be shown, but widgets with celebrity related content will.

The widget is highly customizable. You can control everything from title to sizes of the thumbnails and colors. As far as we know, no other traffic trading system can do this.

Checking The Stats

Statistics is also a very important feature and PlugLeap gives you the ability to see where your traffic is coming from, and even allow you to block traffic trading from any website you wish.

Below is a screen shot of the stats system inside of PlugLeap. For testing purposes, I launched a celebrity website with about 10 pages on it. For security reasons, I’ve blurred out the websites that I’m trading with.

I’ve highlighted the trade status of a website to show you that you are able to block trades from whichever site you wish. You have total control of the system. Why would you want to block sites? That’s easy. If you are familiar with Google Analytics, or you are a stats freak, then you know how to monitor your traffic. Below is a screen shot of the Google Analytics stats of the website I used to test the PlugLeap system.

The above image is from “Traffic Sources” within Google Analytics. Once you click, you will be taken to a page where it shows every website sending you traffic. The image below shows what you see after you have clicked it.

Below is an image of the PlugLeap widget live on one of the test sites. The widgets are outlined in blue. Because the widget looks like it’s part of the site’s content, click rate should be higher than the industry average and you should see some good traffic from it, especially if you exchange traffic with sites in the same niche.

A list of websites sending you traffic along with how many visits, pages per visit, average time on site, percentage of new users and bounce rate are shown. This is great because with these stats, you can go back into your PlugLeap account, and block traffic from sites that don’t meet your criteria for great traffic. No other traffic trading system gives you this ability. You could also use this to contact webmasters from sites similar to yours to talk about other things, such as traffic sources, hardlink exchanges or SEO. The possibilites are endless.

PlugLeap is a 100% free to use. Setting up an account is free and approval is automatic. You can get started today and have traffic going to your site within hour of installing the widget.

I’ve spoken to the owners and they told me that within the next couple of months, you will be able to purchase and sell traffic with the service. You can contact PlugLeap by email at or chat with them live on AIM: PlugLeap.

Plug Into PlugLeap, The Free Traffic Exchange Program