Police Bust YouTube Driver

Here’s a good reason why you shouldn’t post your street racing videos on YouTube. The police will track you down in cyberspace and slap you with a real-life $1,300 fine.

Police took up pursuit in cyberspace after a young Norwegian posted on the Internet video of his wild car driving. Following an electronic trail that he left online, police caught him and slapped him with real-life fine $1,300.

The Norwegian, identified only as a man in his early 20s, posted the video called “Driving in Norway” on Google Inc.’s popular video-sharing site YouTube. The recording showed the car’s speedometer hitting up to 150 miles – 240 kilometers – per hour on a public highway near Oslo.

“We’re touching 240,” a voice could be heard saying. “We know it will do it. This is a little nice.”

The video was removed from the Web site after it made national news in Norway last week

Even though the video show the speeder doing 150MPH, the police could prove only that the man was driving an average of 86MPH and based the fine on that. I wonder how much they could have gotten if they prove he was doing 150?